Professional Development

Professional Development Committee

Solano Community College is integrated with the Vision Resource Center! See the instructions on how to access professional development resources, connect with communities, and more!

The role of the Professional Development/Flexible Calendar (PDFC) Committee is to promote professional development opportunities for faculty and staff to broaden their knowledge, expand their skills, and enhance their abilities to benefit the students, the college as well as the greater community.

Professional development is the continuous process of building knowledge, skills, and abilities as related to one’s role in the institution. Not only does professional development benefit the individual with enhanced expertise and sharpened skills but it also supports the mission of the entire organization. Solano Community College supports the professional development of its administrators, faculty, and staff.



Michelle Smith
Tony Zitko
Ingeborg Bourdon
Full-Time Faculty Representative
Maureen Powers
Full-Time Faculty Representative
Andrew Wesley
Part-Time Faculty Representative
Jason Edmonds
CSEA Representative
Sheila Kaushal
CSEA Representative
Curley Wikkeling-Miller
Coordinator for the Center of Educational Excellence (Ex-Officio)


Michelle L. Smith

Professional Development Coordinator

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