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Student Employment Services has listings for both on campus and off campus jobs. On campus jobs require enrollment in at least 6 units during the Fall and Spring semesters. Off campus job listings come into the Career Center from local area employers and community based organizations seeking SCC students and alumni for employment.

Please click on the following link to access our online postings:

Use the employer contact information on the listing to contact the employer directly. The employer requested method of contact is part of the listing. If you are unsure about how to contact the employer, feel free to ask the Career Center at (707) 864-7124.

Please be advised that Student Employment Services do our best to screen employers. If you have questions or concerns about a particular listing, contact our office prior to your application with that employer.

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Signs of a Job Scam

Scammers advertise jobs where legitimate employers do — online, in newspapers, and even on TV and radio. Here’s how to tell whether a job lead may be a scam:

  • You need to pay to get the job
    They may say they’ve got a job waiting, or guarantee to place you in a job, if you just pay a fee for certification, training materials, or their expenses placing you with a company. But after you pay, the job doesn’t materialize. Employers and employment firms shouldn’t ask you to pay for the promise of a job.
  • You need to supply your credit card or bank account information
    Don’t give out your credit card or bank account information over the phone to a company unless you’re familiar with them and have agreed to pay for something. Anyone who has your account information can use it.
  • The ad is for “previously undisclosed” federal government jobs
    Information about available federal jobs are free . And all federal positions are announced to the public on Don’t believe anyone who promises you a federal or postal job

For on campus student employment inquiries call the Career Center at 707-864-7124.