Compressed Calendar Taskforce

Academic Calendar Committee

The Academic Calendar Committee is charged with developing an ongoing cycle of a three-year Academic Calendar for the College. Committee membership is per Administrative Procedure 6500.

Meetings Schedule

During the Fall semester of each academic year.

Academic Calendar Committee Membership

David Williams
Vice President of Academic Affairs (VPAA)
Sarah Barsness
SCFA rep designated by the SCFA President
Lisa Abbott
Ac Senate rep designated by the Academic Senate President
Mayra Zamora
Flex-Cal Committee Rep designated by the Ac Senate Pres
Valerie Barreto
Scheduling Specialist designated by the VPAA
Ashlie Lawson
CSEA rep designated by the CSEA President
Andrew Wesley
Operating Engineers rep designated by the local 39 Pres
John Perez
ASSC Student rep designated by the Dir of Student Life
School Dean designated by the VPAA
School Administrative Assistant designated by the VPAA
Vice-President of Student Services
Dean of Enrollment Services

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