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Work Experience Education, also referred to as: Occupational (OCED 090) & General (OCED 091) Work Experience Education assists you in applying what you have learned in the classroom to your job or internship and earn college credits for the work that you do! While adding valuable experience to your resume, you will acquire on-the-job skills that contribute to your occupational goals. Credits can be earned for part-time or full-time work, work-study, or an internship. You may enroll in Work Experience whether you are paid or unpaid. Work experience can also assist you in making effective career choices and developing lifetime career plans.

Occupational Soft Skills (OCED 070) is a 1 1/2 unit course preparing you for the skills required to be a successful member of the workforce. This is not a Work Experience course and does not require any type of job. 

Occupational Portfolio Development (OCED 071) is a 1 1/2 unit course preparing you to showcase your skills in a well-crafted digital portfolio that is essential to becoming a successful member of the workforce. This is not a Work Experience course and does not require any type of job.


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Types of Work Experience

Work Based:

  • General Work Experience Education (OCED 091): The Purpose of this program is supervised employment of students with the intent of assisting them to acquire desirable work habits and career awareness.  The job held by the student need not be related to his/her occupational goal or college program.

  • Occupational Work Experience Education (OCED 090):The purpose of this program is the extension of occupational learning opportunities and career awareness through work, paid or voluntary, in the occupation for which the student’s college program or major is designed.

Non Work Based:

  • Occupational Soft Skills (OCED 070): This course is designed to assist students in the basic skills required to be successful in the workforce. This is not a Work Experience course and does not require a job or volunteer position.
  • Occupational Portfolio Development (OCED 071): This course is designed to assist students to achieve their professional goals in workforce development. This is not a Work Experience course and does not require a job or volunteer position however it is building an actual portfolio so it is important to have access to employment and educational examples. 

Compare Programs

How do I know which Work Experience program to enroll in?

Use the chart below to see which course fits your current career and educational status. Concurrent enrollment in OCED 090 and 091 or any other Work Experience type of course is not allowed. No restrictions for OCED 070/071.

Occupational Work Experience

OCED 090


General Work Experience

   OCED 091        



Soft Skills

OCED 070



Portfolio Development

OCED 071


Job related to Declared Major

Job not related to Major

No employment required


No employment required  


Earn 1-6 units per semester.Earn 1-4 units per semester1.5 units1.5 units 
Student may take up to 16 units total over multiple semesters*Student may take up to 16 units total over multiple semesters*Not repeatable. Not available to students who previously completed OCED 101.Not repeatable.

Full semester, 12 week and 8 week sections available online
*NOTE: Online sections require a one time in-person orientation. Please re-arrange your schedule accordingly as this in person meeting is mandatory. See schedule of classes for dates and times.

8 week online sections only8 week online sections only
1 unit = 75 hours paid work per semester  
1 unit = 60 hours unpaid internship or volunteer work per semester  
Currently employed (paid or unpaid) for a licensed business in the public or private sector.  

Contacting the Work Experience Office: 

Debra Berrett: Occupational Education Coordinator  

Our office is located on the Fairfield Campus in the 1800A Building (next to the tennis courts)

Room 1811


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