Scholarship Foundation

Scholarship Foundation

Congratulations to our Fall 2023 Scholarship Recipients!

Program Description November 2023

          The Solano Community College Scholarship Foundation Fund (SCCSFF) is a non-profit corporation that was formed in 1976 with the purpose of awarding scholarships to Solano Community College students.  Scholarship recipients are selected for their academic achievement and their demonstrated potential for excellence during their enrollment at Solano Community College.  

          The Foundation is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who both oversee the Foundation’s financial affairs and the selection of the scholarship recipients.   The Foundation administers two scholarship programs; the “Memorial and Special Endowments” program and the “General Scholastic Achievement” program.   Each memorial scholarship has been established to honor and commemorate specific individuals or purposes.  Many of the memorial scholarships have designated majors and/or other specific qualifying requirements that determine eligibility for consideration. Because both the memorial and the general scholarships are primarily funded by the investments in the endowment funds, the amounts of the annual scholarship awards vary from year to year. 

         Generally, students who have completed 24 units of graded courses at Solano with a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher are invited to apply for general scholarships during the summer.  Because there are other scholarships available that may have different qualifications, we encourage all students to investigate what scholarships are available to them.   A single application is used for determining eligibility for both General and Special/Memorial Scholarships.  Student essays and transcripts are used to determine the appropriate scholarship categories for individuals. 

         The Foundation Fund awarded a total of $69,999 to 91 recipients during the 2023 scholarship season.

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