Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs

Welcome to Solano Community College’s Office of Academic Affairs. Our job is to ensure that students receive high quality instruction and robust support services to ensure success. We strive to create a safe space for learning, where students can explore challenging concepts and build job-ready skills.  We are committed to professionalism and excellence in service and quality and committed to lifelong learning, always with a focus on the student. We hold as our highest values: equity and inclusion, inquiry, collegiality, honesty and integrity, creativity and imagination, flexibility, and responsiveness.

At Solano College we are constantly updating our instructional programs with new equipment in many disciplines, new resources in the Library and Learning Resources Center, and the development of Smart Classrooms which employ the latest in multimedia technology. Our students are connected to a world of learning as never before. At Solano College, the future has arrived.

Meet The Staff

David Williams, Ph. D.

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Building 600, Room 608A

Claire Gover

Executive Coordinator

Building 600, Room 608

Lisa Abbott

Curriculum Analyst

Building 400, Room 422

Christina Taliaferro

Academic Senate Administrative Assistant

Building 600, Room 610

Valerie Barreto

Schedule Analyst

Leigh Anne Jones

Distance Education Technician

Building 500, Room 523

Mayra Zamora

Schedule Analyst


Director Online Education

Press Releases

Hard Hat Scholars Program

NEWS RELEASE – For immediate release Date: March 11, 2023 Organization: Solano Community College Contact: Celia Esposito-Noy, Ed.D. Email: Fairfield, CA – In collaboration

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