Equity and Inclusion

Culturally Responsive Teaching


Marc Thompson Equity Lending Library – A resource for faculty, staff, and students to learn about a variety of diversity and equity-related topics.


Articles and Publications

  • “We could do that!” — A users’ guide to diversity practices in California Community Colleges, 2002

  • “UndocuCollege Guide & Equity Tool” — Working toward educational equity & inclusion of undocumented students at institutions of higher education in California, 2016

  • “Supporting Student Veterans” — California Community Colleges Student Mental Health Program

  • “Foster Youth Educational Planning Guide” — California College Pathways

  • “Disabled Student Programs & Services” — California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office, 2010

  • “Umoja Community” — Campaign for College Opportunity, 2015

  • “Why Race? Understanding the importance of foregrounding race and ethnicity in achieving equity on college campuses” — Center for Urban Education, 2013

  • “Constructing a Racial Equity Theory of Change” — A practical guide for designing strategies to close chronic racial outcome gaps, 2009

  • “The New Frontier” — An integrated framework for equity & transformative improvement in education, California Tomorrow, 2010

  • “The Equity-Driven Systems Change Model” — A toolkit for improving institutional practice and student outcomes, California Tomorrow, 2010

  • “Practices that Promote Equity in Basic Skills in California Community Colleges” — The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges, 2010

  • “Let Them In” — Increasing access, completion, and equity in college English, Henson & Hern, 2011

  • “Cultural Humility vs. Cultural Competence” — A critical distinction in defining physician training outcomes in multicultural education, Tervalon & Murray-Garcia, 1998

  • “Levels of Racism” — A theoretic framework and a gardener’s tale, Jones, 2000

  • “A Model for Diverse Learning Environments” — The scholarship on creating and assessing conditions for student success, Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and Research, 2012

  • “Thin Ice” — Stereotype threat and black college students, The Atlantic, 1999

  • “Enhancing Campus Climates for Racial/Ethnic Diversity: Educational Policy and Practice” — The Review of Higher Education, 1998

  • “School Leaders: Having Conversations About Equity” — Edutopia

  • “State of Community Colleges LGBTQ Resources & Services” — Career Queers California