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Compressed Calendar Resources

Reference Documents

2023-2026 CTA Contract

5 CCR § 55701 College and Academic Year

Addendum Concerning Academic Calendars, Course Scheduling, and Related Topics

California Community Colleges on Alternative/Compressed Calendars 2022-23

California Community Colleges Term Length Multipliers By Calendar Type 2022-23

California Community Colleges Term Length Multipliers By District 2022-23


ASCCC: Impact of Compressed Calendars and Courses on Student Success (2007)

Cerritos College Compressed Calendar Report (2009)

“Compressed Calendar Decision Looms” – Contra Costa College Student Newspaper

Contra Costa CCD Compressed Calendar Application

Contra Costa CCD: Compressed Calendar Study (Executive Summary)

Contra Costa CCD: Examining the Impact of Adopting a Compressed Calendar on College Wide FTES, Course Success and Student Persistence

Contra Costa College: What You Need To Know About The Compressed Calendar

Crafton Hills College – Compressed Courses and Course Success (March 2021)

Grossmont-Cuyamaca CCD Compressed Calendar Task Force

Ohlone College Conversion Story

Porterville College Alternative Calendar Survey Report (2002)

San Joaquin Delta College FTES, Success, and Retention Rates Before and After Compression

Santa Rosa Junior College Compressed Calendar Task Force

Sheldon, C. Q., & Durdella, N. R. (2010). Success rates for students taking compressed and regular length developmental courses in the community college. Community College Journal of Research and Practice 34(1)

Southwestern CCD Compressed Calendar Application

Spurling, S. (2001, May 2). Compression of semesters or intensity of study: What is it that increases student success?

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