Professional Development

Professional Development Meetings 2023-2024

Meeting Date Agenda Minutes


Agenda 05/17/2021


Minutes 05/17/2021

Resolution 5.17.2021: Resolution on Land Acknowledgement and Recognition

Academic Senate Meeting Calendar 2021-2022

Faculty Staffing Request Rubric Update

Vallejo Village Update: The Vallejo Village and The Vallejo Village Resources

Senate Goals and Priorities

PDFC Goals and Self-Assessment (Draft)

Assessment Committee Goals and Self-Assessment

SESC 2020-2021 Accomplishments


Agenda 05/03/2021


Minutes 05/03/2021

ASCCC Officers and Representatives

CSU GE Area F Ethnic Studies Proposed Courses

Outcomes and Actions

PDFC External Training Request Form

PTK Project Land Acknowledgement

Distinguished and to be Tenured Faculty

Faculty Staffing Request Form

Spring 2021 ASCCC Adopted Resolutions

APR End of the Year Goals and Self-Assessment

Curriculum End of the Year Goals and Self-Assessment


Agenda 04/19/2021


Minutes 04/19/2021

Comments from the Public: Jeff Cardinal (Public Comments, KINE, PE and Health Requirements),  Ginger Cain, and Stephanie Badua-Smail

2021-2023 Senate Term

Hiring Prioritization and Faculty Staffing Request Form

Resolution 04.19.2021: Statement in Solidarity with AAPI Community

Optional Hours Request Form

ACCJC Annual Report


Agenda 03/29/2021


Minutes 03/29/2021

2021-2023 Senate Term

Resolution 3.22.21: Call to the SCC Faculty to Hold Office Hours in the Academic Success and Tutoring Center

Scale of Adoption Self-Assessment (SOAA)

Institution Set Standards and Stretch Goals

2021 March Professional Development Attendance

Hiring Prioritization Task Force Recommendation

Faculty Staffing Request Form: Qualitative Criteria

ASCCC 56th Resolution Spring Plenary


Agenda 03/15/2021


Minutes 03/15/2021


Senate Resolution 03.15.21: Call to the SCC Campus Community to Support the Adoption of Zero Cost/Low Cost Course Materials

Impact of AB 1460: Ethnic Studies Transfer Alignment and Demistyfying AB 1460

Academic Senate Meeting Calendar 2021-2022

PD/Flex Cal Committee Update

SCC GE Local/Non-Transfer (DRAFT) and SCC Catalog GE 2021

SCC District 2022-2023 Academic Calendar (DRAFT)

SCC District 2023-2024 Academic Calendar (DRAFT)



Agenda 03/01/2021


Minutes 03/01/2021

Master Schedule

SCC Academic Senate By-Laws, Section 4

Journalism Notes

Tassel Software

Academic Program Review Update (Social Justice Studies/Ethnic Studies)


Agenda 02/22/2021


Minutes 02/22/2021

Master Schedule

SCC Academic Senate Roster

Student Success Data 

Academic Senate Meeting Calendar (Comparison)

PD/Flex Cal Committee Update


Agenda 02/01/2021


Minutes 02/01/2021

Peter “Tony” Zitko, Ed.D.: SCC Correctional Education Agenda and Video Presentation

APR Committee Goals and Self-Assessment

Curriculum Committee Goals and Self-Assessment


Agenda 01/25/2021


Minutes 01/25/2021

Voices of Freedom (CCC Webinar)

AP 62XX ADT Reciprocity

Outcomes and Actions

Assessment Committee Goals And Self-Assessment

PDFC Committee Goals and Self-Assessment


Agenda     (01/14/2021) Morning

Agenda (1/14/2021) Afternoon


Minutes 1/14/2021 (Morning)

Minutes 1/14/2021 (Afternoon)

Chancellor’s Office System Webinar

ASCCC Virtual Events: 2021 Part-Time Faculty Institute, 2021 Spring Plenary Session, and 2021 Faculty Leadership Institute

Hiring Prioritization 2021-2022 (Senate and S/P Esposito-Noy Rankings)

Distinguished Faculty Award Committee

AP 62XX ADT Reciprocity

Reciprosity, Course Substitution, and Credit by Exam

Senate Goals and Priorities 2021

Outcomes and Actions Breakout Room Activity


Agenda 12/07/2020

Minutes 12/07/2020

Stanback-Stroud Award Application

2021-2022 Hiring Prioritization (Senate and S/P Esposito-Noy Rankings)

Net Tutor Survey Result

PD/Flex Cal Committee: How to Access the Vision Resource Center and Update

Guided Pathways Update


Agenda 11/23/2020

Minutes 11/23/2020


Agenda 11/16/2020

Minutes 11/16/2020

Senate Resolution 11.16.2020: Supporting Programs Disproportionally Impacted by the Shift to Online Learning

APR Committee: Template for Two-Year (Abridge) and

Six-Year Program Review Reports

SESC Committee: Policies and Best Practices Regarding Zoom and Online Exam (Proposal)

PD/Flex Cal Committee: Cornerstone Implementation College Readiness Form, Vision Resource Center and Cornerstone CollegeI Integration, and Update

Hiring Prioritization Timeline 2020-2021 Update


Agenda 11/02/2020

Minutes 11/02/2020

Public Comments:Candace Roe

Managing Senate Bank Account

Distinguished Faculty Committee Recommendations

BP Credit for Prior Learning

Hiring Prioritization Update

APR Committee: Template for Two-Year (Abridge) and

Six-Year Program Review Reports

SESC Committee: Policies and Best Practices Regarding Zoom and Online Exam, 2020-21 Opinion Regarding Online ClassCameras-On Requirements, and  Real-Time Close Captioning and Closed Caption Support

Guided Pathways Update

Facility Master Plan



Agenda 10/19/2020

Minutes 10/19/2020

Public Comments: Ginger Cain

Equitable Grading

Achieving Equity Through Humanized Online Teaching

ACE (Adaptability, Connection, and Equity) Framework

ASCCC Fall 2020 Resolution

PD/Flex Cal Update and October 13, 2020 Event


Agenda 10/05/2020

Minutes 10/05/2020

Hiring Prioritization Task Force Update

Net Tutor Charts (Summer/Fall 2020)

Guided Pathways Update


Agenda 09/21/2020

Minutes 09/21/2020

Public Comments: Cristina Young and Marc Lancet

Academic Support Services Redesign Vision

SCC Adopted Budget

Assessment Committee Goals and Self-Assessment

PD/Flex Cal Committee Goals and Self-Assessment


Agenda 09/14/2020

Minutes 09/14/2020

Equity Summit Flyer

Faculty Staffing Request Forms: Qualitative Criteria and Quantitative Data

Hiring Prioritization Timeline 2020-2021

APR Committee Goals and Self-Assessment

Curriculum Committee Goal and Self-Assessment


Agenda 8/31/2020

Minutes 08/31/2020

SCC Emergency Fund Fire and COVID-19 Response

Hiring Prioritization Timeline 2020-2021

Faculty Staffing Request Forms: Qualitative Criteria and Quantitative Data

Honoring Pei-Lin Van’t Hul, Claudia Fenti and Tingan Weng

Honoring Lisa Abbott

Honoring Erica Beam and Carol Zadnik

Honoring Jim DeKloe, Ferdinanda Florence and Andrew Wesley


Agenda 08/24/2020

Minutes 08/24/2020


Agenda 08/13/2020 Morning

Agenda 8/13/2020 Afternoon


Minutes 8/13/2020 Morning

Academic Senate 2020-2021 Meeting Calendar

2020 Distinguished/Newly Tenured Faculty

Brown Act/10+1/AB1725

ASCCC Call To Action

Senate Goals and Priorities 2020

T4E (Equitable Practices In Online Teaching)

Meeting Date Agenda Minutes
05/04/2020 Agenda 05/04/2020

Minutes 05/04/2020

Academic Senate Meeting Calendar 2020-2021

AP/BP 6208 Bachelor’s Degree Holder

Substitution Waiver of Requirements

Senate Goals and Priorities 2019-2020

Committee Goals & Self-Assessment: Academic Program Review, Curriculum, Assessment, Distance Education, Professional Development/Flex Cal

Firts Year Experience (FT3) Update

04/20/2020 Agenda 04/20/2020

Minutes 04/20/2020

Academic Senate Officers 2020-2022 Terms

Abridge Program Review (Draft)

Professional Development Handbook (Draft)

Columbia College Spring 2020 Grading Flow Charts

COVID-19 Spring 2020 Withdrawal Agreement

COVID-19 Information (Admissions and Records)

04/13/2020 Agenda 04/13/20

Minutes 04/13/20

SCC Restroom Conversion

Census Student Outreach Flyer

Fiscal Advisory Comitte Update

Abridge Program Review 2020 (Draft)

Professional Development Handbook (Draft)

03/23/2020 Agenda 03/23/20

Minutes 03/23/20


Agenda 03/02/20

Minutes 03/02/20

Academic Senate Officer List

SCC Welcome Day Program (2019)

SCC Active Project List Updated

Faculty Staffing Request Forms: Qualitative and Quantitative


Agenda 2/24/20

Minutes 02/24/20

Communication Survey Result

Professional Development Rubric 2019 and 2020

DFA Form and Letter, DFA Rubric

How To Access Vision Resource Center

SCC Graduation Survey

Senate Representation


Agenda 02/03/20

Minutes 02/03/20

Academic Senate Donation Form

Academic Senate Resolution 2.3.2020 SCC Graduation 2020

Peer Review Proposed Modification

Senate Election At-Large

APRC Committee Goals and Self-Assessment 2019-20


Agenda 01/27/20

Minutes 01/27/20

Academic Senate Officer List

Word Cloud Community Building Activities

Professional Development Rubric Draft

Professional Development Committee Survey

Hiring Priorities Tally Sheet 2020-2021 AY

Senate Election At-Large

PDFC Goals and Assessment Mid-Year


Agenda 01/09/20 (1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.)

Agenda 01/09/20 (3:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.)

Minutes 01/09/20

From Converation To Action

Stanback Stroud Diversity Award

Program Review Manual With eLumen Revision

Professional Development Rubric Draft

SOAA (Scale of Adoption Assessment)

Professional Development Survey

Curriculum/Tech Review Committee Spring 2020 Calendar

Academic Senate Goals/Priorities

12/01/19 Agenda 12/02/19

Minutes 12/2/19

Program Review Student Survey

AP/BP 6500 Academic Calendar

Hiring Priorities 2020-2021

Students 4 Equity

Program Review Template eLumen

Professional Development Rubric Draft

Assessment Committee eLumen Quick Guide

Guided Pathway Newsletter and Survey

11/25/19 Agenda 11/25/19

Minutes 11/25/19

11/18/19 Agenda 11/18/19

Minutes 11/18/19

Solano Express

Solano Express First/Last Mile Commuter Program

Standard Program Review Survey

Gender Neutral Bathrooms Letter

PD Rubric Draft

11/04/19 Agenda 11/04/19

Minutes 11/04/19

Resolution 11.4.2019: In Support of the Vallejo Center, our Vallejo Students, and the Vallejo Community

SCC Corrections Education Program

10/21/19 Agenda 10/21/19

Minutes 10/21/19

Academic Senate Response To Student Concerns

Creating A Calling-In Culture

BSU Resolution (Draft)

Canvas Instructor Guide 2017

NetTutor Usage

Hiring Prioritization: Quantitative

FYE Update: 2020 Cohort Supported Schedule Options

PDFC Update and Rubric Draft

ASCCC 54th Fall Session Resolutions

10/07/19 Agenda 10/07/19

Minutes 10/07/19

Exemplary Award 2019-20

SCC Student Inquiries and Counseling Experience

Hiring Prioritization: Process, Timeline, Qualitative, and Quantitative

SCC District Emergency Operations Plan

DE Flex Fall 2019

Guided Pathway Summary of Work to Date and Immediate Plans

09/23/19 Agenda 09/23/19

Minutes 09/23/19

BP/AP Academic Renewal

Program Review Goals and Self-Assessment

Assessment Goals and Self-Assessment

PDFC Goals and Self-Assessment

Professional Development Rubric

Senate Goals and Priorities 2019-2020

First Year Experience Student Survey Highlights

09/09/19 Agenda 09/09/19

Minutes 09/09/19

BP 6220 Standard of Scholarship

BP/AP 6206 GE Reciprocity

The Role of Club Advisor

JC Faculty Support of BSU Demand

08/19/19 Agenda 08/19/19

Minutes 08/19/19

BP/AP 6206 General Education Reciprocity

First Year Experience, Guided Pathways, and Distance Education

PDFC Committee Update

PDFC Form 08/2019

PTK Advisor Request


Agenda 08/08/19 Morning

Agenda 08/08/19 Afternoon

Minutes 08/08/19 Morning

Minutes 08/08/19 Afternoon

Academic Senate Orientation

Program Review Handbook 2020

Guided Pathways: Beyond Course Sequencing

Calling In vs. Calling Out Culture

Senate Goals and Priorities 2019-2020

Tenure Tea 2019

Meeting Date Agenda Minutes
05/06/19 Agenda 05/06/19 Minutes 05/06/19

AP4003, AP6200, AP6410, BP4003, BP6200, BP6410

Assessment, Curriculum, Program Review

2020/21 Academic Calendar
Academic Senate Calendar
Academic Senate Priorities
APR Goals
Curriculum Goals
Pro-Development Goals
Pro-Development Grant App
Open Educational Resources
OER Update
Strategic Plan
Student Equity Plan
Senate Scholarship
Senate Taskforce
Student Equity and Success
04/22/19 Agenda 04/22/19 Minutes 04/22/19

ASCCC Useful Acronyms
Student Equity Plan 2019-21
2019 Strategic Plan
Student Equity Plan 2019-22 Data Analysis
04/01/19 Agenda 04/01/19 Minutes 04/01/19

AP6200 Graduation Requirements
BP6200 Graduation Requirements
Flex Test
Guided Pathways Essential Practices
Proposal to Amend Graduation Requirements
Spring Sessions Resolutions
03/18/19 Agenda 03/18/19 Minutes 03/18/19

AB705 and Math
AP4003 Emeritus
BP4003 Emeritus
Distance Education
53rd Spring Session Resoulution
Scholarship Resolution
Student Fees
03/04/19 Agenda 03/04/19

Academic Senate By Laws
CCC Simplified Metrics
CCC Briefing Overview
Proposed Design for Guided Pathways Areas of Emphasis

02/25/19 Agenda 02/25/19 Minutes 02/25/19

AP 6410 Grading and Academic Record Policy
AP 6410 Grading and Academic Record Procedure
PDFCC Update
SCC Outreach Flyer
Social Justice and Equity Survey
02/04/19 Agenda 02/04/19
ECHS Presentation
Guided Pathways Presentation
PDFCC Goals/Self Assessment
BHM Schedule
Program Review Survey
General Fund Presentation
01/28/19 Agenda 01/28/19 Minutes 01/28/19

Committee Goals to Academic Program Committee Goals
Budget Proposal
Master Schedule
Questionnaire Draft to Program Review Catalog Draft
DFR Plaque
Areas of Emphasis to Guided Pathways Areas of Emphasis Draft
Areas of Emphasis to Guided Pathways Areas of Emphasis Worksheet
PD FlexCal Committee Update
01/10/19 Agenda 01/10/19 Minutes 01/10/19

Committee Goals
Donation Form
Master Schedule
Diversity Award
Diversity Application
Diversity Award Guidelines
Diversity Award Rubric
Special Meeting
Agenda 12/03/18 Minutes 12/03/18

Committee Goals
Faculty Hiring Priorities
Guided Pathways
Increase Student Success
Professional Development
SESC Proposals
Student Centered Funding Formula Allocations
Special Meeting
Agenda 11/26/18 Minutes 11/26/18
Faculty Hiring
11/05/18 Agenda 11/05/18 Minutes 11/05/18
Solano Mapping
Sample Forms
Flex Sample Report 10-31-18
Flex Sample Report 11-01-18
Faculty Hiring
10/15/18 Agenda 10/15/18 Minutes 10/15/18
Fall Resolutions
Senate Resolution 10.15.18
10/01/18 Agenda 10/01/18 Minutes 10/01/18
Flex Attendance Report
09/17/18 Agenda 09/17/18 Minutes 09/17/18
AP 6000
Assessment Schedule
Faculty Staffing Request Form
Repeat Course Petition
PDFCC Goals and Self Assessment
09/10/18 Agenda 09/10/18 Minutes 09/10/18
Peer Review
SEC Restructure Proposal
08/20/18 Agenda 08/20/18 Minutes 08/20/18
Meeting Date Agenda Minutes
05/14/18 Agenda 05/14/18 Minutes 05/14/18

Equity SSSP
Committee Goals, Self Assessment APR
Committee Goals, Self Assessment Assessment
Committee Goals, Self Assessment PDFC
Committee Goals, Self Assessment Curriculum
Math Taskforce Notes
May Revise Budget Summary
Module Mockup for Senate
Honoring Michael J Wyly
Honoring Kenneth Wilson Williams
Senate Basic Skills Budget
05/07/18 Agenda 05/07/18 Minutes 05/07/18

2018 Election Results
Dean Hunt Handouts
DE Handouts
Opposition to CCCCO Funding Formula
Opposition to California Online Community College District
Math Taskforce Recommendations
04/23/18 Agenda 04/23/18 Minutes 04/23/18

BP 2070
Funding the California Community College
Opposition to California Online Community College District
Standard Program Review Survey
04/09/18 Agenda 04/09/18 Minutes 04/09/18

BP4003 Emeritus
Resolution Never Again
Resolutions Packet S18
03/19/18 Agenda 03/19/18 Minutes 03/19/18

BP6030 Advanced Placement
BP6010 Course Auditing
DE Request For Guidance
Excused Withdrawal Filed Regs
Resolutions Packet S18 Area Meetings Final 312
03/05/18 Agenda 03/05/18 Minutes 03/05/18

AP6010 Course Auditing
BP6010 Course Auditing
ASSSC Adjunct Parity
Excused Withdraw Filed
IEPI Framework Letter
Library Update
Math Task Force Update
SES Coordinator Draft

02/26/18 Agenda 02/26/18 Minutes 02/26/18

AP6010 Course Auditing
AP6030 Advanced Placement
BP4003 Emeritus
BP6010 Course Auditing
BP6030 Advanced Placement
CCSSE Refresh Sample
PD Committee Rubric Wording

02/05/18 Agenda 02/05/18 Minutes 02/05/18

Academic Senate By-Laws Draft
2017/18 Budget Outlook
2018 Donation Form
Gate Clearance
Math Taskforce Notes
EER Commendations and Recommendations

01/22/18 Agenda 01/22/18 Minutes 01/22/18

Academic Senate By-Laws Draft
BP 4005
DE Handouts
IEP Indicators
Resolution 01.22.18
Joint Meeting with Administrators
Agenda 01/11/18

Joint Meeting Agenda
Minutes 01/11/18

Joint Meeting Minutes 01/11/18

Academic Senate By-Laws Draft
AY 2017-18 Senate Priorities
BP 4003
BP 4005
College of the Desert OEI Resolution
IEP Indicators
Graduation Resolution
Academic Senate Constitution
12/11/17 Agenda 12/11/17 Minutes 12/11/17

Academic Calendar Draft
AY 2017-18 Senate Priorities
BP 5110
Academic Senate and Subcommittee Goals, Assessment Committee
Academic Senate and Subcommittee Goals, Curriculum Committee
Academic Senate and Subcommittee Goals, Distance Education Committee
Guided Pathways Self-Assessment Tool
Library Plan 2013
OEI Consortium to Exapand, Focus on Equity
Peer Review Handbook
Professional Development Rubrik
Program Review Template
Program Review Handbook
12/04/17 Agenda 12/04/17 Minutes 12/04/17

BP 5110
Curriculum Committee Goals
Academic Renewal
Professional Development Committee Goals
Peer Review Handbook
Program Review Template
Program Review Handbook
Guided Pathways Self Assessment
11/27/17 Agenda 11/27/17 Minutes 11/27/17

Faculty Staffing Requests for 2018-19
Geology Staffing Requests
Staffing Request
11/13/17 Agenda 11/13/17 Minutes 11/13/17

Academic Calendar Draft
Assessment Schedule Draft
Professional Development Funding Request Rubric
Project FLOW
11/06/17 Agenda 11/06/17 Minutes 11/06/17

Hiring Procedures FSA
Professional Development Funding Request Rubric
Procedure 6105
SSEIP Approval Letter
Student Success Integrated Plan Addendum
Special Meeting
Agenda 10/30/17 Minutes 10/30/17

50th Fall Session Resolutions
Executive Summary Draft Integrated Plan
10/16/17 Agenda 10/16/17 Minutes 10/16/17

50th Fall Session Resolutions
Program Outline Social Justice
Social Justice Studies at SCC
10/02/17 Agenda 10/02/17 Minutes 10/02/17

AB705 Letter
DE Course Shell Review Process
Guided Pathways
SSEIP Summary
Title 5 Section 55023
Title 5 Section 55024
Special Meeting
Agenda 09/25/17 Minutes 09/25/17

CSU Response to EOs
Accreditation News Vol 6
Senate FSA Discussion
Excerpts from Senate Handbook
FSA Packet Discussion
AB705 Letter
FSA Hiring Procedures
Objections to the Draft
Senate FSA Proposal
09/18/17 Agenda 09/18/17 Notes 09/18/17
09/11/17 Agenda 09/11/17 Minutes 09/11/17

Message from the Solano Community College Superintendent-President
Rescission of DACA
Chancellor Oakley DACA Statement
Library/Learning Resource Center Building Project
Curriculum Committee Training
Guidelines for Deans as Approvers SLO Assessments
Hiring Procedures FSA
PDFC Committee Initiatives and Goals
Resolution 12.12.2016 Sanctuary Campus
Resolution Condemning Hate and Violence
Proposal: Merge the BSI committee and the SESC
BOT Meeting Attachments
08/21/17 Agenda 08/21/17 Minutes 08/21/17

Academic Senate Priorities 2016-17
Student Success and Equity Integrated Plan (SSEIP)
AP 6030 Advanced Placement
BP 6030 Advanced Placement
AP 6045 Career and Technical Ed Programs
AP 6200 Graduation Requirements for AS Degree and Certificate
AP 6205 Philosophy and Criteria for AS Degree and General Ed
AP 6210 Catalog Rights
AP 6411 Grades Changes
BP 6110 Contract Ed
Inmate Education Program FAQ
08/10/17 Agenda 08/10/17 Minutes 08/10/17

Academic Senate Orientation
AP 6030 Advanced Placement
BP 6030 Advanced Placement
Resolution Equity and Sanctuary Campus
Resolution for Partnership with Solano Prison
Strategic Vision Letter to the Field
Meeting Date Agenda Minutes
05/15/17 Agenda 05/15/17 Minutes 05/15/17

Assessment Handbook
College Governance Indicators
Credit-By Exam Process Flow
Program Review Committee Taskforce for General Degrees
Proposed High School Articulation Process
Academic Senate List of Accomplishments 2016-17 AY
BP 2005 Local Decision Making
Committee Goals for Academic Year 2016-2017
05/08/17 Agenda 05/08/17 Minutes 05/08/17
05/01/17 Agenda 05/01/17 Minutes 05/01/17

SCC Travel Authorization Form
PD Rubric
PD Grant Application
Proposed Changes to the Equivalency Determination Procedure at SCC
Presented AA17-20 AP Credit Policy
Advance Placement Policy
04/17/17 Agenda 04/17/17 Minutes 04/17/17

Resolution for Graduation
SB466 Registered Nursing
SCC Hiring Manual
Proposed High School Articulation
04/03/17 Agenda 04/03/17 Minutes 04/03/17

SP 17 Resolution Packet
SCC Hiring Manual
Peer Review Assessment Survery Results
03/20/17 Agenda 03/20/17 Minutes 03/20/17

Program Review Report to Senate
SparkPoint Solano
Spring Plenary Session
03/06/17 Agenda 03/06/17 Minutes 03/06/17

Institutional Set Standards
Draft of Revised GELOs and ILOs
02/27/17 Agenda 02/27/17 Minutes 02/27/17

BP and Ed Code
AP 6010
AP 6040
CA Guided Pathways
Curriculum Handbook
Technical Review
02/06/17 Agenda 02/06/17 Minutes 02/06/17

Institutional Set Standards
Student Success Scorecard Data
FLC Academic Senate Minutes Resource
01/30/17 Agenda 01/30/17 Minutes 01/30/17

BP 2005
Budget Update from Chancellor’s Office
Election Calendar Update
Recommended Topic for Discussion of CBA
Adjunct Poll Results
Spring 2017 Priority List
Senate Basics
Curriculum Handbook 2017
Joint Meeting with Administrators
Agenda 01/12/17

AS-ED Joint Agenda 01/12/17
Minutes 01/12/17

Senate Fall Priorities
CA Guided Pathways Project