Meet with A Representative

The Transfer Center encourages all students to meet with university representatives as part of the transfer process. Please continue reading to find resources for meeting with university representatives.

Who are university representatives?

University representatives are admissions staff or counselors who help students with the process of transferring to their university.

Why meet with a university representative?

University representatives are experts about their schools. Although your Solano counselor and the Transfer Center can help you with general information about how to prepare for transfer to a university or college, university representatives have in-depth knowledge about topics such as admissions policies, majors, campus life, financial aid and scholarship opportunities, and housing.

If you are still deciding which schools you would like to apply to, university representatives can help you decide whether a campus is right for you. We encourage all students to meet with a representative from their prospective university at least once.

If you’re not sure how to reach out to a representative, or don’t know what questions to ask, see our template email and “Questions to Ask a Representative” document below.

Scheduling a Meeting with a Representative

Our calendar below shows when our representatives are available to meet with Solano students. If you click on the event for any representative, it will tell you how to schedule an appointment with them. Some representatives have links that you can use to schedule an appointment with them. You can find a list of these links here:

Meeting with a University of California (UC) Representative

If you are planning to meet with a UC representative, please create a UC Transfer Admission Planner (TAP) account, and fill out the academic history section with your past, present, and planned courses. The UC representative will have access to the information in this account, which will help them advise you. If you don’t currently have a UC TAP account, you can create one at this link:

Contact a Representative

Need help finding the contact information for a university representative? Fill out our University Representative Contact Information request form by clicking this link:

Questions to Ask a Representative

Template Email

Transfer Center Representative Calendar