Financial Aid

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Financial Aid Appeals

All appeal decisions are final and incontestable.

Appeal Dates and Deadlines

Appeal for Failure to Meet GPA/PACE Standards

  1. A student who has lost eligibility due to failure to make SAP may file an appeal, known as a SAP APPEAL. An appeal will be reviewed only for documented “extenuating circumstances” beyond the student’s control. Appeals not meeting the “extenuating circumstances” category will not be accepted. Submission of an appeal does NOT GUARANTEE the reinstatement of financial aid. Therefore, students should be prepared to pay for their books and other school-related expenses pending the outcome of their appeal. If an appeal is approved, the student will receive financial aid for the semester at the soonest payment date following approval.

  2. Students placed on “Ineligibility” may file an appeal for consideration of reinstatement of financial aid eligibility. The Financial Aid Appeal Form and submission deadline dates can be found on the Financial Aid Appeal webpage at The following are examples of reasons a student may file an appeal:

    CircumstanceSuggested Documentation
    Serious physical or emotional illness of student or immediate family memberAttach medical documentation confirming onset and duration of illness or condition
    Death in the familyAttached copy of obituary, funeral notice, or Death Certificate
    Accident or injury to student or immediate family memberAttach medical and/or other documentation verifying the date and duration of the occurrence
    Disasters affecting student’s attendanceAttach documentation of insurance claims or other 3rd party information verifying location and date and nature of disaster
    Loss or change of employmentAttach letter from the employer verifying the circumstances and dates of loss or change in employment
    Student made significant improvement during Warning semester even though cumulative criteria do not meet SAP standards yet (e.g. enrolled at least 6 units, completed all units attempted with 2.0 or higher semester GPA, but Standards (GPA and Quantitative Pace) have not been met)Attach copy of course and grades for preceding semester. These will be verified by the Financial Aid Office
    Change in academic major, or Exceeded TimeframeDetailed explanation disclosing reasons for change in major and reasons for exceeding the posted unit limitation.
    Extenuating circumstances that were beyond the student’s controlAny documents that would help verify student’s circumstances. Should include date and duration.
  3. The following are NOT considered for appeal: Incarceration, circumstances such as wrong or difficult classes, too many units in the term, poor time management, instructor’s teaching style, transportation problems, not having the assigned books or course, taking online classes and not having a computer and/or online access, personal problems not requiring professional intervention, being unaware of academic progress policies or other college requirements, not following placement test and/or Academic Counselor’s recommendations, or child care problems.

Appeal for Exceeding Timeframe

  1. Students who have a Bachelor’s Degree and those students who have already received 6 or more full-time equivalent years of Federal Pell Grant aid are not eligible for further Federal Pell Grant aid. These students may only be eligible for fee waivers, Federal Work Study, and Federal Student Loans. They must have an approved appeal on file to receive Federal Student Loans and Federal Work Study. Please see the Financial Aid website for more details:

  2. Students who meet these criteria may submit a Financial Aid Appeal Form, printable from Financial Aid Forms at

  3. In order to maintain financial aid eligibility, if a Timeframe Appeal is approved, the student may only take courses listed on the approved student educational plan submitted with the appeal form and may not amend the appeal or submit a later appeal. The appeal will be considered invalidated if the student does not meet GPA and PACE requirements.

Students Who do not Make SAP While on Financial Aid Probation or Academic Plan Appeal

  1. Students are no longer eligible to receive further financial aid, including loans, and will be unaided until or unless they are able to reestablish eligibility. Reinstatement of eligibility requires achieving SAP standards:
    1. enroll in at least 6.0 units for a semester, and
    2. complete 67% of units attempted for the semester, and
    3. achieve a semester GPA of 2.0 or better,
    4. achieve a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better, and
    5. achieve a minimum 67% PACE of all cumulative units attempted