Syllabi Statements

The Accessibility Services Center suggests the following statement for use in your syllabus: 

If you have a physical, psychiatric/emotional, medical, learning or other disability that may affect your ability to carry out assigned course work successfully, the Accessibility Services Center (ASC) is here to help you. The ASC team will review your concerns and work with you to determine what academic accommodations are appropriate for your needs. The ASC will give you an academic accommodations form for you to share with your instructor(s) to ensure your academic accommodation needs are met in your course(s). All of your information is kept confidential, and the ASC can also refer you to testing if you are not certain whether you have a disability. 

Are academic accommodations already part of your academic success? Make sure to check in with the ASC each semester to get your academic accommodations updated to present to your instructor(s) at the beginning of the semester. 

Link to Accessibility Services Center

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