Measure G Communications


Many interested individuals and groups have been involved with the Solano Community College District Measure G Modernization Program. Participation is furthered through Shared Governance, which allows a broad range of contact, input and communication with stakeholders.

In developing an organizational structure and process for this type of program, two conflicting needs must be balanced. There is a need to involve input or oversight of hundreds of individuals and dozens of organizations. There is also a need to make decisions quickly and spend limited resources responsibly and effectively. The key to accomplishing a balance of these needs is to provide an open and active communications program and a streamlined administrative and decision-making process that includes checks and balances.

An effort has been made to determine the entire range of potentially effected, interested or associated groups or individuals. Additionally, identification of existing communities, and use of these forums to serve as conduit to a wider constituency has been utilized whenever appropriate.

Governing Board
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The elected board is directly responsible for all District actions and has charged the administration, through the Vice President of Administration & Business Services and the Director of Facilities with management of the Modernization Program.

Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee
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The Governing Board has appointed nine community members to oversee the bond modernization program. This committee is expected to review program progress and procedures, report their observations and if appropriate, recommend modifications. The Committee meets quarterly with the Superintendent/President, Vice President-Administrative & Business Services, Director of Facilities, and the Kitchell Bond Program Managers.

Superintendent/President’s Cabinet (SPC)
The SPC is comprised of the Superintendent/President; Executive Vice President, Academic and Student Affairs; Vice President, Administrative & Business Services Finance and Administration; Vice President, Student Services; Director of Marketing, Public Relations & Communications; Interim Chief Information Systems Officer, Executive Director of Institutional Advancement, Academic Senate President, the Directors Deans of the Vallejo and Vacaville Centers, and ASSC President. Through regular discussions and communication with this group, issues and concerns specific to a department or consistent throughout district can be identified. This group meets regularly on a weekly basis.

Educational Administrators
The Educational Administrators is a standing group comprised of the Superintendent President, all Division Deans, and the Director of Student Development. This group allows a broader range of discussion and input on issues. This group currently meets the second Wednesday of every month. The Program Manager will report to this committee on an as needed basis, but no less than quarterly.

Shared Governance
Shared Governance Committee provides the broadest range of membership, and therefore the greatest opportunity for input and consensus building. The membership includes representation from all major organizations within the district. Therefore, this provides an opportunity both to obtain input, but also to communication with the representatives of all concern groups. This group currently meets the second and fourth Tuesday. The Program Manager will meet with this committee as needed, but not less than quarterly.

Director of Facilities
The Director of Facilities is responsible for the overall coordination and operation of the Measure G Program and Program Manager, Kitchell CEM on a day-to-day basis.

Project Architects/Engineers
The District, after a qualifications based selection process, has selected ten architectural firms which are divided into two project types: Division I: Major Projects and Division I, II &III: All Project Types. These firms will be assigned projects based on previous similar project experience, staff availability, and ability to meet design schedule deadlines. Efforts will be made to distribute projects as widely as feasible.

Project Committees
Each project within the Modernization Program has assigned committee chair, which is responsible for selection of the standing committee to provide core input during the programming, planning and design phases of the project. The committee and its chairman are also responsible for obtaining input from others influenced by the project, and providing internal updates to peers and direct reports to more broadly establish project status and understanding.

Steering Committee
The Steering Committee is composed of key Administrative Management and Kitchell CEM, bond program managers. The Steering Committee is responsible for coordination and operation of all modernization program activities. This committee will include the Superintendent President; Vice President of Administration & Business Services; Interim Chief Information Officer; Director of Facilities; Vice President of Academic Affairs; Vice President of Student Services. The Committee meets twice monthly.