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Password Reset

STEP 1: Before entering the Password Reset Tool, please be sure you have your full Solano username.

If you do not know your Solano username (ex:, please contact the helpdesk.

STEP 2: Please use the following criteria to create a new password. This information will not be displayed on the following pages.

Must be 15 to 32 characters

Include at least one uppercase and one lowercase letter

Include at least one number

Include at least one special character (ex. !,@,#,$,%,&,*, etc..)

Cannot contain your username, first name, middle name, or last name

Cannot be the same as one of your last 12 Passwords

STEP 3: Do you know your Solano Username? Do you have a password that meets the criteria? If “yes” to both questions, proceed by clicking the Reset Password button below.


STEP 5: After you successfully reset your password, please log into My Solano, using your My Solano username and your new password.