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Virtual Health Center is an on-line resource for health care issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many professional services are provided including:

  • Nursing assessment and management of minor health problems
  • Treatment of minor acute illnesses and referrals
  • Dispense over the counter medicines
  • First aid and campus emergencies
  • Pregnancy counseling and birth control information, including pregnancy testing
  • Free female and male condoms, latex and latex-free
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Sexually transmitted disease information and referrals
  • Tuberculosis skin testing and referrals, if needed
  • Information regarding communicable diseases, including Flu shots
  • Hearing and vision screenings
  • Blood pressure screenings
  • Blood glucose, hemoglobin, strep- throat test, urine screenings, peak flow test
  • Information and referral for substance abuse (drugs, alcohol, smoking)
  • Information and counseling on various health-related problems
  • Free brochures on health-related issues
  • Rest area for ill students
  • Outreach to off site campuses and the Children’s Programs in Bldg. #200
  • Information on Smoking/Tobacco Cessation Classes

All Solano Community College students are eligible to use the Health Center.

The health services are paid for by the $17.00 health fee charged to each student during registration every semester.

Solano Community College has a staffed Health Center for use by full and part-time students. A Public Health Nurse is available:

  • To educate you about healthy living and disease prevention
  • To assist you when you are ill
  • To provide you with referrals to community resources

Call the Campus Emergency number, 911. The campus police will be contacted to respond.

Explain what the emergency is. Is the individual conscious and breathing? Give the location of the victim. Do not move the victim unless the person is in personal danger. Do not hang up until after the person receiving the information hangs up.

Stay with the victim until help arrives and you are relieved. If the victim stops breathing, there is no pulse, and you are CPR trained, please start CPR. Only those certified in CPR should attempt this procedure.

The Student Health Center can be contacted to respond to emergencies, also at ext. 7163.

When you visit the Student Health Center, you have the right to privacy, respect, and confidentiality and to be treated with dignity.

All records are confidential and cannot be released to ANYONE without your written consent. The only exception is subpoena by court order or when information is required by public health law.

All personnel employed in the Student Health Center will maintain total confidentiality as required by law.

In addition to the services provided by the Student Health Center, your health fee includes accident insurance coverage for you while you are attending classes, or college-sponsored activities which are authorized, calendared and supervised. This is a secondary insurance which means you must submit any claims to your private insurance before this policy applies. If you sustain an injury which you think may be covered contact the Campus Business Office in Room 628. For further information contact the Student Health Center or the Office of Student Life, Room 1424.

Any Campus phone: 911
Any Cell phone: (707) 421-7090
Any Pay phone: 911


  • NorthBay Medical Center
    1200 B Gale Wilson Blvd, Fairfield
  • North Bay Vaca Valley Medical Center
    1000 Nut Tree Rd, Vacaville
  • Kaiser Permanente Medical Center- Vacaville
    1 Quality Dr, Vacaville
  • Kaiser Permanente Medical Center- Vallejo
    975 Sereno Dr, Vallejo
  • Sutter Solano Medical Center
    300 Hospital Dr, Vallejo
  • David Grant Medical Center
    101 Bodin Circle, TAFB


  • Dixon Family Practice
    131 West A St, Suite 1, Dixon
  • La Clinica
    243 Georgia St, Suite B, Vallejo
  • Solano County Family Health Services
    2201 Courage Dr, Fairfield
    365 Tuolumne St, Vallejo
    1119 East Monte Vista Ave, Vacaville
  • Kaiser Medical Offices
    975 Sereno Dr, Vallejo
    1550 Gateway Blvd, Fairfield
    1 Quality Dr, Vacaville
  • Community Medical Center
    600 Nut Tree Rd #310
    Vacaville, CA

Helpful Phone Numbers

  • Campus Emergency 911
  • Student Health Center ext. 7163
  • Campus Police ext. 4369
  • Ambulance/Fire/Police 911
  • Poison Control 1-800-523-2222
  • Domestic Violence 1-866-4UR-SAFE(487-7233)
  • Crisis Help 428-1131
  • Emergency Food 421-9777, 1-800-870-3663
  • Legal Assistance 1-800-270-7252
  • United Way Community Services 2-1-1

Solano County Health & Social Services Dept.

  • AIDS Information 707-398-8317
  • Alcohol/Drug Abuse 553-5328
  • Mental Health Crisis 428-1131
  • Prenatal Services 877-680-2229
  • Family Health Services Clinic 553-5509 – VJO
  • Family Health Services Clinic 784-2010 – FF
  • Family Health Services Clinic 469-4670 – VV
  • Public Health Nursing 784-8070 -FF
  • STD Clinic
    • Vallejo – 553-5509
    • Fairfield – 784-2010
    • Vacaville – 469-4670
  • Suicide Prevention/24 Hour 1-855-587-6373
  • Rape Crisis/24 Hour 422-7345 – FF, 557-6600 – VJO, 1-866-487-7233

You are welcome to drop-in for care or make an appointment by calling (707) 864-7163. Visit us and become acquainted.

Students interested in purchasing insurance should access the Covered California website at

Quitting Tobacco and Support Lines

  • 1-800-NO-BUTTS (1-800-66-28887)
  • 1-800-844-CHEW (1-800-844-2439)


KICK THE BUTTS in Solano County
1-800-287-7357 or (707) 784-8900

Nicotine Replacement

Without a prescription:     Gum, Patch, Lozenge
With a prescription:     Inhaler, Nasal Spray

Non-Nicotine Drugs


Other Resources to Help You Quit:

Personal Doctor
Health Insurance Plan
Employer-Sponsored Program

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