Distance Education

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How Do I Qualify to Teach Online?

The following requirements must be met:

  • Please review the current MOU.
  • Complete Solano College Canvas Training (two courses) or equivalent courses through @One, taken at the employee’s expense (can apply to be reimbursed by PDFC funding);
  • Submit, for DE Commitee Review, a partial Canvas shell, containing at least four modules/four weeks of course materials;
  • Self-assessment of the submitted shell, using the OEI rubric;
  • Collaborate with a mentor assigned by the DE Committee to ensure the course aligns with the OEI rubric;
  • Bring the submitted shell to the minimum standards of 90% Accessible and no broken links;
  • Receive final DE Committee review and approval vote.
  • If you are interested in training, please complete this form.
    • Training programs include: Hyflex, Online Instructor Certification, PO.C.R. and Renewal.
  • Contact the D.E. Office by email at John.Perez@solano.edu and request enrollment in the Online Canvas Training Courses.
  • Request a Dev/OL Shell at SCC Faculty FAQs.
  • Complete the Online Canvas Training Courses.
  • Build two-thirds of your course using the OEI Course Design Rubric as a guide for your Dev/OL shell.
  • Email DE Coordinator John Perez at John.Perez@solano.edu and CC the DE Office at de@solano.edu to request a review of your course by the DE Committee. Your course must be reviewed and approved to teach online.
  • What support do you need to be successful for online instruction?

Visit SCC Faculty FAQs for more Online/Hybrid and eCompanion tools and tips.