Curriculum Committee

Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee is a subcommittee of the Academic Senate; its composition, responsibilities, and authority are based on Title 5 (§ 53200) “10+1” requirements.  All Committee actions on courses, programs, and other curricular and instructional business are sent to the Solano Community College Governing Board for approval.

The functions of the Committee are:

• To evaluate the overall curriculum needs within the College.

• To participate, in cooperation with the departments, in the curriculum planning, development, and review of short-range and long-range curriculum.

• To develop and/or implement state mandated policies and regulations applicable to curriculum and instruction.

• To present recommendations, through the Academic Senate, to the Governing Board regarding additions, modifications, and deletions in the College curriculum.

• To approve prerequisites and place courses within disciplines.

• To develop degrees, certificate requirements, and general education requirements.


Sarah Barsness
Lisa Abbott
Curriculum Analyst
David Williams
VP Academic Affairs
Claire Gover
Ashlie Lawson
Articulation Officer
Andrew Wesley
Assessment Coordinator
Laura Maghoney
Distance Education Coordinator

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