Associated Students Solano College (ASSC)

Past Meetings

Meeting DateAgendaMinutes
December 13ASSC Agenda 12/13/2012ASSC Minutes 12/13/2012
December 11ASSC Agenda 12/11/2012ASSC Minutes 12/11/2012
December 4ASSC Agenda 12/04/2012ASSC Minutes 12/04/2012
November 27ASSC Agenda 11/27/2012ASSC Minutes 11/27/2012
November 13ASSC Agenda 11/13/2012 
November 6ASSC Agenda 11/06/2012ASSC Minutes 11/06/2012
October 30ASSC Agenda 10/30/2012ASSC Minutes 10/30/2012
October 23ASSC Agenda 10/23/2012ASSC Minutes 10/23/2012
October 16ASSC Agenda 10/16/2012ASSC Minutes 10/16/2012
October 9ASSC Agenda 10/09/2012ASSC Minutes 10/09/2012
October 2ASSC Agenda 10/02/2012ASSC Minutes 10/02/2012
October 1SIC Agenda 10/01/2012SIC Minutes 10/02/2012
September 29ASSC Retreat Agenda 09/29/2012ASSC Retreat Minutes 09/29/2012
September 25ASSC Agenda 09/25/2012 
September 21SIC Agenda 09/21/2012SIC Minutes 09/21/2012
September 20SIC Agenda 09/20/2012SIC Minutes 09/20/2012
September 19
Special Meeting
SIC Agenda 09/19/2012SIC Minutes 09/19/2012
September 19SIC Agenda 09/19/2012SIC Minutes 09/19/2012
September 18ASSC Agenda 09/18/2012ASSC Minutes 09/18/2012
September 13SIC Agenda 09/13/2012SIC Minutes 09/13/2012
September 11ASSC Agenda 09/11/2012ASSC Minutes 09/11/2012
September 6SIC Agenda 09/06/2012SIC Minutes 09/06/2012
September 4(2)ASSC Agenda 2 09/04/2012ASSC Minutes 2 09/04/2012
September 4(1)ASSC Agenda 1 09/04/2012ASSC Minutes 1 09/04/2012
August 28SIC Agenda 08/28/2012C A N C E L L E D
due to lack of quorum
August 28ASSC Agenda 08/28/2012ASSC Minutes 08/28/2012
August 21SIC Agenda 08/21/2012C A N C E L L E D
due to lack of quorum
August 21ASSC Agenda 08/21/2012ASSC Minutes 08/21/2012
August 14SIC Agenda 08/14/2012SIC Minutes 08/14/2012
August 14Introductory Meeting

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