Work Order Request

SCC Staff may submit work order requests via our online Work Order Request form.  The link to this form can be found at My Solano, in the Employee Tab, under Work Orders, and clicking Facilities Work Order. This will bring you to the Work Order form to submit your request.

How to File a Work Order:

1. You must sign in to My.Solano.edu

2. Click on the Employee Tab and located at the lower right will be the Work Order Request Link.

3. After clicking thel link you will be directed to the Work Order Request form; select the Campus where the work is needed.

4. Fill out the form and Submit. You will receive an email response which will contain the link to your work order. Please retain this message and link. You may use the link to update your work order request and to follow the status of your request.

There is more information regarding our work order system, including FAQ’s, under MySolano Groups – Facilities.

*Note: Students cannot submit request via this method. If a student should find a Facilities issue on campus, please notify a staff member to submit the request.