VA Isakson and Roe Section 1018 (Shopping Sheet/College Financing Plan)

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Section 1018 of Public Law 116-315, Johnny Isakson and David P. Roe, M.D. Veterans Health Care and Benefits Improvement Act of 2020, requires educational institutions to make certain disclosures to students using federal military and/or VA education benefits. To ensure compliance with the law, we have developed the Shopping Sheet Information for Student Veterans/Veteran’s Dependents.

  • Cost of attendance (Estimated cost of courses including tuition, fees, books, supplies, living and other additional costs) 

    Information is available on the Solano Community College Financial Aid – Cost of Attendance webpage 

    Please note that your final cost depends on you receiving VA benefits to cover for tuition and fees, books/supplies, and housing allowance; any aid to cover for the cost; taking extra courses such as prerequisites; retaking a failed course; changing your program of study which requires more or less credits, change in cost of living; a change in tuition/fees as approved by State Legislature, etc.

  • Types of Federal financial aid offered by the institution, that the student may be qualified to receive

    Options are available on the Solano Community College Financial Aid website under the Programs Available tab

  • Additional Information

    In-state Tuition – Students actively using Montgomery GI Bill®–Active Duty program (Chapter 30), the Veterans Readiness and Employment program (formerly called Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment) (Chapter 31), the Post-9/11 GI Bill® program (Chapter 33) and Dependents Educational Assistance, (Chapter 35) are exempt from paying nonresident tuition regardless of when the veteran separated from the military.  Please by filling out the Isakson and Roe Out of State Tuition Waiver


    VA Monthly Enrollment Verification – Information is available on the Solano Community College Veterans Resource Center webpage


    Certification of Enrollment to the VA – Certification for VA Education Benefits each semester is not automatic. Students who wish to receive the benefit must complete the paperwork with the SCO and must submit the Enrollment Status Form and Schedule/Bill every semester after signing up for your classes in order to continue receiving benefits and to prevent delays in payment of benefits.  Enrollment Status Form and Schedule/Bill information is located on the Veterans Resource Center webpage  

    All new students are required to go through the New Student process.  New students are able to call (707-864-7105) or email ( the Veterans Resource Center to schedule a New Student appointment to start the process.  New Student Packets are located on the Veterans Resource Center Forms webpage


    Absence due to Military Service – A student who is an active duty or reservist of the United States military, and who receive orders compelling a withdrawal from courses, should submit the General Student Withdraw Petition, to the Admissions and Records Office, requesting a Military Withdrawal (MW), with proof of such orders to receive a full refund of those courses (For Chapter 33 students, the school will return the tuition and fees to the VA). An “MW” symbol will be assigned and will not be counted in progress probation, dismissal calculations, or in calculating the permitted number of withdrawals a student is allowed. Student can resubmit the application for admission upon return. This petition is located on the Admissions and Records Forms Webpage. 

    Students who are receiving the VA benefit along with Financial Aid should be aware that withdrawing from a course(s) will have an impact on their benefit/financial aid status. Students are strongly encouraged to talk to the Financial Aid Department and the School Certifying Official.  

    VA benefits will stop as of the drop date reported for all classes. Students will be responsible to repaying VA the funds received for such course(s), (BAH/Monthly assistance allowance), or submitting a Mitigating Circumstance to the VA.

    If you are a Cal Grant recipient and have been called to active military duty, are entering military service, Peace Corps or VISTA, you may apply for a deferment of your Cal Grant for up to three years. Send the Military Deferment Request Cal Grant Programs form to the California Student Aid Commission, along with a copy of your orders.


    Contact Information

    School Certifying Officials – Veterans Resource Center (Main Campus) Building 2700 Rm 2750 (Email: Phone: 707-864-7105)

    Maeve Lee

    Chris Gulick

    Helymar Walter


    Veterans Resource Center Coordinator – Veterans Resource Center (Main Campus) Building 2700 Rm 2750 (Email: Phone: 707-864-7105)

    Amy Kennedy


    VA Work-Study Supervisor – Veterans Resource Center (Main Campus) Building 2700 Rm 2750 (Email: Phone: 707-864-7105

    Amy Kennedy, Veterans Affairs Coordinator

    Maeve Lee, School Certifying Official


    VA Academic Counselor – Veterans Resource Center (Main Campus) Building 2700 Rm 2750 (Email: Phone: 707-864-7105

    Jim Anderson, Veteran and Active-duty Academic Counselor


    Veteran Financial Aid Representative – Financial Aid (Main Campus) Building 400 – 2nd floor (Email: Phone: 707-864-7000 ext. 4426)

    Zac Hammond, Financial Aid Specialist