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Associate in Science
Certificate of Achievement

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Welcome To Real Estate

Are you a natural salesperson?

Do you have an interest in Real Estate?

Looking to sell properties until the sun sets?

Are you looking to take and pass the California salesperson license examination or the broker’s examination?

Check Out Our Real Estate Program!

The Solano Community College Real Estate program offers courses needed to qualify for the state of California salesperson license examination as well as for the broker’s examination. A full range of real estate courses is offered including real estate finance, appraisals, etc. The courses are taught by qualified real estate professionals.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the Real Estate Certificate of Achievement/Associate in Science will be able to:

1. Analyze common real estate problems, apply appropriate solutions, and interpret outcomes.
2. Meet career preparation goals, as well as prepare for a state licensing exam.
3. Explain the process for making home purchase or sale decisions and completing real estate transactions.
4. Demonstrate mastery of program-specific concepts and skills (e.g. understand theory and application in real estate finance, investments, property management and financial institutions).

Meet Our Real Estate Faculty