Student Worker Hiring


The purpose of being a student worker is to gain useful knowledge and experience in an area on campus that aligns with your coursework and future career goals. Typical student worker positions on campus include ASTC Floor Tutors, Embedded Tutors (in the classroom), clerical assistants, lab assistants, and Student Services Ambassadors. If you are interested in becoming a student worker, please contact the Manager of the department. 


You should have already met with your supervisor and had a brief orientation explaining to you the hiring process, your schedule and duties, and expectations. You should have also been given the documents with instructions required to get your fingerprints (live scan) and TB Test. You cannot start working until these have been completed and the results have been received and cleared by Human Resources.

New Hire Documents/Information

You are REQUIRED to read the following documents. You will also be required to sign and submit an acknowledgement that you have read and understand these documents. Please contact your manager/supervisor if you have any questions. To view the document, click on the title below.

New Hire Forms to Complete

After you have read and understand all of the information above, please print and complete the following forms, then submit to your manager/supervisor. Please contact your manager/supervisor if you need any assistance filling out the forms.

Questions? Please contact Human Resources:

Phone: 707-864-7128