Equity and Inclusion

Student Equity and Success Council

The Student Equity and Success Council (SESC) is a sub committee of the Academic Senate. Its charge is to provide institutional direction to integrate validated effective practices for underprepared students to succeed at college level learning. The committee is responsible for developing and evaluating a yearly basic skills plan reflecting the state’s Basic Skills Initiative.

Diversity Days

The ultimate goal is to provide students with an understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion as they advance in their education, careers, and as they become leaders on campus and in the community.

Diversity Days events include opening and closing ceremonies, a keynote speaker, guest speakers, discussion panels, workshops, art gallery installations, movies, food, and interactive projects. Sessions are facilitated by local, regional, and statewide experts, including SCC faculty, community members, and national leaders in equity, inclusiveness, and diversity-related topics. Diversity Days events are open to all students, staff, faculty and community members.

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