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Associate in Science

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Engaging Activities
Laboratory Experience

Welcome To Biology

Looking for a career path in science?

Are you fascinated by scientific findings?

Do you enjoy studying Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics?

Check Out Our Biology Program!

Solano Community College Biology courses give students an extensive laboratory experience where you will gain essential skills required to study and manipulate macromolecules, aseptically transfer cells, work with the common model organisms used in Biology research, and carry out a field study.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the Associate in Science in Biology for Transfer will be able to:

1. Design and/or interpret an investigation, including data collection and/or analysis.

2. Describe the molecular basis of genetics and energetics.

3. Explain the principles and mechanisms of microevolution and macroevolution.

What career paths can I take with a degree in Biology? 

  • Biological Technician
  • Biologist Molecular and Cellular Biologist
  • Geneticists
  • Life Scientist
  • Natural Science Manager
  • Environmental Restoration
  • Secondary Educational Professor¬†
  • Post-Secondary Education Professor