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ASSC elections for the following academic year will be held in the Spring Semester.

Stay tuned for our next candidates!

The election for student government (ASSC) has begun!

Important Dates for Fall Elections

09/02/22 – 09/12/22

Declaration of Candidacy Period


Last day to Declare Candidacy

Candidate Document Submission Deadline



Select Interim Committee Approval of Candidates

Create and approve election ballots



Mandatory Pre-Election Candidates Meeting (All Candidates) via zoom

 ID# 321 536 4386

Candidates may create campaign statements/flyers to be posted on SCC website/Canvas

All content must be approved by the ASSC Advisor


First Mandatory Candidates Assembly via Zoom from 9-11 AM  ID# 321 536 4386


Second Mandatory Candidates Assembly via Zoom from 11 AM-1 PM

ID# 321 536 4386

09/26/22 – 09/29/22

Election Week (Voting) Student ID#’s used as passwords

Students will receive an email with voting instructions


Ballot Count (via the Election Platform)


Run Off or Ratification of results by the Select Interim Committee


Presentation of results to the SCCD Governing Board

Important Dates for Fall Elections
If you are interested in running please declare your candidacy by April 14th, 2021. You can download a candidate application beginning March 22, 2021. ASSC Declaration of Candidacy Packet.

All activities will take place via Zoom. Meeting ID numbers will be shared with ALL ENROLLED STUDENTS.
It is the responsibility of the candidates to attend all mandatory meetings and assemblies.
Dates and times are subject to change by the to the ASSC Elections Committee

Any questions are to be directed to

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