Student Equity and Success Council

Student Equity and Success Council

To provide institutional direction to integrate validated effective practice for underprepared students to succeed at college level learning. The committee is responsible for developing and evaluating a yearly basic skills plan reflecting the state’s Basic Skills Initiative.

Meeting Schedule

The SESC will begin meeting in person (with a hybrid option) at 2pm (regular meetings will be Fridays at 2 pm) starting Friday March 24.  Weekly office hours are available on Wednesdays from 11-12pm via zoom if anyone wants to drop in with questions.


Michael SIlva
Student Equity and Success Coordinator, Co-Chair (1)
Administration, Co-Chair (1)
English Basic Skills Coordinator (1)
Math Basic Skills Coordinator (1)
DSP/Counseling Faculty Member (1)
Academic Success and Tutoring Center Coordinator (1)
Pathway Coordinator (1)
First-Year Experience Coordinator (1)

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