Herger Gallery

Gallery Showcase

Fall, 2003

  • “Anti-Chromatic”
  • “From the Inside Out: Artwork from CMF”
  • “Grafeto”

Fall, 2004

  • “The Beveled Edge: A Ten-Year Retrospective”
  • “These Ain’t Your Daddy’s Comics”
  • “Fields of View: The Natural and Urban Landscape”

Spring 2006

  • “Old Stomping Grounds: An Exhibition of Former Solano College Art Students”
  • “Materialism: The Art of Found Objects”
  • “Context: A Blending of Images and Language”

Fall 2006

  • “Beyond the Tangible”
  • “Shadow of Death: Art by Death Row Inmates”
  • “Bound by her Body: The Re-Presentation of Women”

Fall 2007

  • “A Day’s Work”
  • “Head First”
  • “A Matter of Taste: The Art of Kitsch”

Spring 2008

  • “Warped: The Art of Textiles”
  • “The Amalgamists”
  • “The Honor of Teaching”

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