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The Food Market

Stop by the Food Market, open every Monday – Wednesday from 11:00am to 2:00pm for Summer hours, located in the Student Life Center in Building 1400, Room #1437 and shop for your FREE groceries and snacks!

The Food Market is open to all Solano Community College students across our three campuses in Fairfield, Vacaville and Vallejo.

  • Any student who is currently enrolled at Solano Community College qualifies for support.
  • Our commitment at Solano Community College is to fight hunger and food insecurity on campus by serving our students with their needs and access to nourishing foods at no cost. Our goal is for students to live an active and healthy lifestyle while focusing on their educational journey.
  • It’s easy to shop at The Food Market. Just provide us with your first and last name along with your current student ID#. A shopping bag is provided for students to select their own food items to ensure they are happy and satisfied with what they receive. Typical food items consists of: canned goods (tuna, salmon, chicken, soups, vegetables, beans, pasta sauce, and fruits), cereal, milk, oatmeal, water and flavored beverages, bags of rice, beans and pasta, a variety of snacks, and selected perishable items (eggs, cheese, fruits and vegetables). *food and perishable items may vary depending on availability
  • If you need special accommodations or have additional questions, please reach out to the Basic Needs Center,, or (707) 864-7261.

Free money for groceries!

  • CalFresh is a California financial aid program that helps students buy food and eat healthier. It will not affect your financial aid package and you do not need your parent’s tax return information to apply. CalFresh offers free money for qualified individuals, including students.
  • It’s easy to apply. Simply visit and complete the online
    application or stop by the office for CalFresh applications.

Food Resources

Check out these student testimonials!

“The food pantry has helped me out in many ways – especially with the increase of prices of food.”

 “The food pantry has helped not only me but my family. The pantry is absolutely great!”

“I really enjoy the food pantry on campus. Being able to have access to food, especially when prices for food are a lot right now, it helps me and my family when food is tight.”

“The food bank has been a god-send. Being a first generation college student and a single mom times get hard and even with CalFresh there have been many of days where I was not sure what I could feed my girls or even if I could but because of the SCC Food Bank – I do not have to be scared or worried now because I know I can count on the food bank to keep my children’s diet complete. One thing I really appreciate is that students can pick what they need because it limits the amount of food that may be wasted and also that the environment is welcoming.”

“OMG!!! The food pantry on campus has helped me out tremendously! We have access to FREE fresh produce, dairy, pastries, canned goods, etc…. Super thankful for this service – it eliminates the thought of what do I have to eat, thank you!!!!” 

“Eggs! Cheese! Bread! Coffee & Sugar… Veggies & Fruits and so much more… I must mention the great staff who always greet us and make us feel welcome. Hopefully, more students will utilize this resource that is accessible and available for all.”

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