International Transcript Evaluation and Services

Students that have attended a college outside of the United States who wish for Solano College to
consider their units be applied towards a degree or certificate may have their International transcripts
evaluated by outside credential service.

  • International transcript evaluations will be at the expense of the student.
  • Solano College reserves the right to refuse any courses and does not guarantee that having an International transcript evaluation will yield any transferrable coursework. Reviews are done on a case-by-case basis.
  • Evaluations must include a course-by-course review with course titles, semester unit values, letter grades earned, and lower/upper division course level status and translated into English (if applicable).
  • Only coursework as determined by a NACES-approved credential evaluation service (list of approved evaluation agencies: PLEASE NOTE: the credential evaluation service must have been an approved member of NACES on or after the date the international transcript evaluation is done.
  • Course will need to be deemed to be equivalent to a regionally accredited college in the United States to be considered as being potentially transferrable to Solano College.
  • Only coursework determined by a NACES-approved evaluation service as equivalent to a regionally accredited college in the U.S. may potentially meet SCC GE, non-ADT major, or certificate requirements. Students wishing for international coursework to be used to meet specific course requirements for SCC GE, non-ADT majors, or certificates must submit course descriptions in English along with course substitution petitions. Course descriptions are not needed to clear SCC prerequisites.
  • International coursework from non-U.S. regionally accredited institutions cannot be used to meet IGETC-GE (except for IGETC Lang Other than English Requirement), CSU-GE, or Associate Degree for Transfer requirements. To see if an international college institution holds regional accreditation by one of the regional accrediting bodies, please visit: and
  • Transfer of credit policy varies throughout institutions; each institution will review coursework according to their own evaluation criteria. Students who plan to transfer to a four-year college are advised to review the transfer credit policy of the transfer institution.