Travis Air Force Base Center


Procedures for admission to Travis Air Force Base for non-military students

Due to increased security measures at TAFB, all non-military students must be registered in a class meeting at Travis in order to receive a pass to enter the base. Please allow at least 30 minutes to obtain your pass. Students will be able to obtain their base pass at the Visitor Center located on the left before the main gate.

Registered students will be required to present the following documents:

  1. A current driver’s license
  2. Valid vehicle registration (This must be the vehicle you plan to drive to class each week.)
  3. Valid proof of vehicle insurance
  4. Proof of your enrollment in a class at Travis (your registration printout showing your classes).

If you wish to add a Travis class, you must contact the instructor to obtain an ‘Add Code’ and add the class prior to being admitted to the Base. Once you have added into the course please contact the Travis office at (707) 863-7878 for further instructions.

Residency Regulations and Tuition Assistance

Active duty military and their dependents are granted resident status for fee purposes for the duration of the student’s enrollment at a California community college as long as the active duty member is stationed in California.

If you are using tuition assistance while you are taking classes, you should go to the Base Education Office at Travis University Center to obtain authorization.

Students are encouraged to register for classes with SCC first and then fill out their tuition assistance afterwards. Please allow seven business days for tuition assistance to be processed.

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