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Solano Community College’s CNA program prepares students to assist patients with daily tasks such as eating, taking medications, and mobility needs, whether in a hospital, assisted living facility, or in the home. Through the CNA course, students are taught how to work closely with other medical professionals, including physicians and registered nurses to monitor patients’ conditions and help them feel as comfortable as possible.

The HHA course focuses on care in the home, such as providing for infection control and safety, planning to meet nutritional needs, food shopping, etc.

The CNA and HHA programs at Solano Community College are certificates fully approved by the CA Board of Registered Nursing and are subject to its regulations regarding the education and training of nurses.

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Course Information

NURS 103      6.5 units      Certified Nursing Assistant – basic course

NURS 104      2.0 units      Home Health Aide

NURS 105      2.0 units      Acute Care Skills and Practice

It is recommended that students enroll in all 3 courses to receive a well-rounded CNA education: NURS 103, 104 and 105

Nursing 103 - Certified Nursing Assistant (basic course)

NURS 103 focuses on caring for the elderly with compassion. Students are taught principles of infection control, communication techniques, and the skills to safely care for patients. These skills include bathing, dressing, assisting with feeding and medications, grooming, toileting, and lifting and moving while using proper body mechanics.

Nursing 103 runs for 8-9 weeks. Students attend classes and practice skills at the Vallejo Center and in the Health Sciences Building on the Main Campus in Fairfield. Students also participate in several weeks of clinical experience at a nursing facility within the Solano area. Course dates and times are listed in the SCC online class schedule, and additional class details will also be provided by the instructor during a mandatory information meeting held prior to the start of each course. Class dates, times, and locations are subject to change.

Students must successfully pass both the theory and clinical portions of NURS 103 with a minimum grade of C in order to qualify to take the CNA state exam. Passing the CA State exam qualifies students to receive the CNA certification.*

*Prior convictions may interfere with certification being issued even if the student successfully passes the class and the state exam.

Students currently enrolled in NURS 103 must show proof of having passed the CNA State Certification Exam in order to participate in NURS 104. Students must pass NURS 103 and the CNA State Certification Exam in order to enroll in NURS 105.

Nursing 104 - Home Health Aide

The Home Health Aide course prepares students to provide patient care in the home environment. Instruction focuses on patients’ health as well as social needs and includes providing for infection control and safety, meeting nutritional needs, food shopping, preparation, and storage, in addition to home cleaning tasks. Completion of NURS 104 provides students with a California Home Health Aide Certification.

Professionals who hold a current CNA license are eligible to enroll in NURS 104. However, you must submit an application and fulfill all requirements. If you completed a CNA course somewhere other than SCC, you must also fill out and submit a Prerequisite/Co-Requisite Challenge Petition. Please email completed petitions to Sheila.Kaushal@solano.edu.

Nursing 105 - Acute Care (hospital-based)

NURS 105 follows and builds on the basic skills learned during NURS 103. Acquired skills are applied to the acute-care hospital setting. The course examines body structure and function, as well as the disease process in greater depth. Students gain experience in a fast-paced environment while using more advanced equipment to care for short-term, acutely-ill patients. Training in acute care can help licensed Certified Nursing Assistants expand their employment options.

Students wishing to enroll in NURS 105 must have passed NURS 103 and the California CNA State Certification Exam.

Program Information


Students are responsible for the following course-related costs:

  • Tuition
  • Textbook purchases
  • Certification exam fee
  • Live Scan / Background check fee
  • One uniform and basic equipment (gait belt and stethoscope with BP app)
  • Physical examination
  • Immunizations, if needed (measles, mumps, rubella Hepatitis B, polio, tetanus, COVID)
  • TB (tuberculosis) testing
  • CPR class for the Professional Health Care Provider
  • White shoes (for uniform)
  • Watch with second hand

The total of these expenses will range from approximately $750-950. Costs may vary.

Students may choose to pay for additional college-based fees, which are optional. See the college catalog or schedule for current fees.

Through the generous support of the Arthur N. Rupe Foundation, the Certified Nursing Assistant program is able to assist each registered NURS 103 student with expenses associated with testing, uniforms, background screening, and textbook purchases. Information about this grant assistance will be provided at the mandatory information meeting.

Drug Screening

Solano Community College remains a drug- and smoke-free campus. Students will not be allowed to register for the Certified Nursing Assistant program without a negative drug screen (including marijuana/cannabis). Any student with a positive drug screen, at any point in the program, will be denied placement and participation at the clinical facilities and will be required to withdraw from the program.

Criminal Screening Procedure

A professional nursing assistant must be trustworthy and law-abiding. For this reason, Livescan (fingerprinting) is required. Students must respond to the following question and proceed accordingly:

Have you ever been convicted by any court of a crime other than a minor traffic violation?

If you answered “Yes” to the above question, you must write a letter to the CA Department of Public Health. Include the information that is listed below and send it to the address provided.

If you have a prior conviction, you may still enroll and participate in the CNA / HHA courses. However, clearance to receive the certification is at the discretion of the California Licensing and Certification Department and dependent upon the nature and severity of the infraction.

Adhering to this process is the student’s responsibility and should be completed prior to starting the course (but no later than the first week of class).

To comply with this requirement, write a letter that contains:

1. Date

2. Statement:

“This letter is being submitted for state approval to receive certification upon completion of the Certified Nursing Assistant training course.”

3. Include in the letter:

Dates and nature of the incident(s)
Disposition of the case (provide court papers)
Your current status
Letters from Probation Officer (if applicable)
Letters of Recommendation (non-family; three letters)

4. Send to:

California Department of Public Health Licensing and Certification Division

1615 Capital Ave, ATCS-MS 3301 PO Box 997416
Sacramento, CA 95899-7416

Meet Our CNA Faculty

Program Directory

Hudson, Sheila
Dean of Health Sciences
Kaushal, Sheila
Administrative Assistant IV
Marzan, Olivia
Director of Certified Nursing Assistant