Business-Insurance: Property & Casualty


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Associate in Science
Certificate of Achievement
Job-Direct Program

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Extensive Employment Opportunities Available

Welcome To Business-Insurance: Property & Casualty

Are you a natural business person?

Do you thrive being a part of a team?

Interested in the idea of working in insurance?

Seeking a business and analytical degree program?

Check Out Our Business-Insurance Program!

This program provides essential background information needed by those wishing to work in an insurance office. Extensive employment opportunities are available in a variety of job areas from sales to accounting to database or project management.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the Business-Insurance: Property & Casualty Certificate of Achievement/Associate in Science will be able to:

1. Understand the insurance process, the segments of insurance, and the consequences of insurance contracts in mitigating loss.

2. Understand the risk management techniques available to handle exposure to loss and the use of risk modification. 

3. Understand the financial and human consequences of loss. Proper and casualty exposures.

4. Apply the insurance principles in potential and real business and personal loss exposures.

5. Understand the exposures to loss faced by an individual and/or corporation.

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