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Oregon Shakespeare Festival Trip Summer 2024

SCC Drama Club is back and working hard toward their Oregon Shakespeare Festival trip for Summer 2024.  If you were supposed to go in 2020 or have been involved in the SCC Theatre program since then, then check out the application below.  

Audition Information

SPRING 2024 SHOW: Anything Goes.


Christine Mani

Professor of Theatre Arts

707-864-7000 Ex 5379

Program Learning Outcomes

Associate in Arts in Theatre Arts for Transfer (ADT: A.A.-T)

Theatre teaches practical skills, performance techniques, and creativity. It is the goal of this department to provide students with the tools needed to pursue a university degree or a career in the performing arts. In terms of university degrees, the curriculum of all core Solano College Theatre courses have been designed to equal courses offered in the UC and CSU system. In terms of careers in the performing arts, a wide range of academic and professional opportunities exists. These job opportunities include work in stage performance, television/film acting, lighting, sound, stage makeup design, costume design, house management, theatre education, theatre for youth, stage management, and even sporting event production.

Students who complete the Associate in Arts in Theatre Arts for Transfer degree will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate comprehension of technical elements and design processes
  2. Provide evidence of vocal and physical performance techniques.
  3. Assess written materials for context, theme, structure, and technical requirements
  4. Express the relationship between culture and dramatic art, using scholarly sources to analyze the performing art persuasively and thoroughly.


Associate in Arts in Theatre Arts

The Theatre Arts Major is designed for students who are furthering their theatre education, as well as those seeking a career in the entertainment industry. In terms of university degrees, the curriculum of all core Solano College Theatre courses have been designed to equal courses offered in the UC and CSU system. Whether choosing the Acting or Technical emphasis, the major will provide a basic theatre foundation which will include “hands on experiences” in Acting, Stagecraft, Lighting and Costuming, as well as the historical and cultural background necessary for understanding the craft. Individuals interested in this major may also be seeking a foundation for lifelong learning.

Students who complete the Theatre Arts Associate Degree will be able to:

  1. Read and analyze written materials for context, theme and dramatic intent
  2. Demonstrate comprehension of vocal and physical performance techniques.
  3. Demonstrate comprehension of technical and artistic production elements including; stagecraft, scenery, costumes, lighting and sound.
  4. Utilize and apply current theatrical technology


Certificate of Achievement in Theatre Arts Technical

The Theatre Arts Technical Certificate program prepares students for an entry-level career in Community and Professional Theatre. Beginning careers may include: Scene Shop Technician, Stage Electrician, Property Artisan, Costume Technician, Make-Up Technician, Scenic Artist, Audio Technician, Stage Manager, and Event Tech.

Students who complete the Theatre Arts Technical Certificate of Achievement will be able to:

  1. Work effectively with Lighting and Scenery design plans
  2. Work competently with common materials and techniques when constructing theatrical elements.
  3. .Apply fundamental techniques while participating as a member of a backstage production crew.
  4. Demonstrate basic skills in one or more of the following areas of specialization. lighting hangs and focus, scenic carpentry, scenic painting, audio set up and signal routing.
  5. Integrate knowledge of theatre history and literature when constructing theatrical elements.
 Careers in Theatre Arts include but are not limited to:
  • Actor, Dancer, and/or Singer
  • Art or Drama Therapist
  • Costumer Designer
  • Stage Manager
  • Set and Exhibit Designer
  • Technical Theater Crew Member
  • Theater Teacher
  • Theater Director
  • TV/Film Production Assistant

Talk to the Theatre Arts faculty about more employment opportunities!

Meet Our Theatre Arts Faculty

Meet The Administrative Staff

Glines, Neil
Dean of Liberal Arts
Brakel, Robyn
Art Lab Technician
Jones, Leigh Anne
Admin Assistant III
Kuta, Dagmar
Instructional Lab Assistant
Laws, Sidney
Photography Lab Tech
Meyer, Donna
Admin Assistant IV
Scharfen, Craig
Theatre Production Tech
Tipton, Darcia
Theatre Tech