Teaching for Equity

Welcome to T4E!

Established in 2018, the Teaching for Equity program (T4E) is a cohort-led initiative designed by SCC faculty to create opportunities for faculty to engage in anti-racist, equity-minded pedagogy. We seek to tackle issues related to instruction (both in-person and online) and to embrace equitable practices that improve the classroom experience. Utilizing an equity framework, T4E encourages individual faculty to critically examine their teaching methods while working collaboratively to advance cultural competency and anti-racist practices on campus. 

About Us

Our Mission:

Teaching for Equity (T4E) is designed to make your equity work as actionable and liberatory as possible; we will focus on Solano’s equity gaps & anti-racist solutions. In the program, we focus on:

  • Interrogating race and racism, especially as the reason for inequity in education, and building discussions of intersectional oppression from this starting point
  • Liberatory pedagogy that is designed to empower and engage students
  • Community building through tough conversations
  • Continued learning and professional development

Faculty Participation:

Faculty can get involved in T4E in two ways: 
  1. T4E Academy: month-long, themed cohorts (beginning Oct. 2022)
  2. T4E Institute: semester-long, guided learning communities with department/division colleagues. If you are interested in T4E Institute, please contact your school dean and Heather Watson-Perez (Heather.Watson-perez@solano.edu). 

Meet Our T4E Faculty