Superintendent/President Search



Under direction of the Governing Board, envision, plan, organize, coordinate, direct, administer, review and evaluate the programs, services and activities of the entire community college district which provides and supports educational opportunities for students; provide executive direction and leadership to the district’s academic and classified administrators and staff in all areas of administration, academic affairs, student services and other support services; plan, formulate, develop and implement short- and long-range goals and objectives in support of the educational plan and consistent with the instructional needs of the community; promote and develop partnerships, cooperative functions and effective relationships with community business leaders, related organizations and others involved in educational services and career technical training.

Maintain broad perspective of all aspects of the district and work closely with the Board to facilitate achievement of goals and objectives consistent with the district’s educational plan; assure the innovative and cost-effective formulation, development and implementation of administrative, instructional and student services programs, systems, policies, standards and activities in compliance with a variety of federal, State, local and district laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures; select, direct and evaluate the performance of the Vice Presidents and others who report directly to the Superintendent/President. 

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility

Demonstrates a commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and access.  Provides evidence of a deep understanding and appreciation for the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, gender identity, sexual orientation, and ethnic backgrounds of community college students and employees; creates an inclusive educational and employment environment, while holding the entire college community responsible for proactively fostering and supporting a welcoming and engaging environment with compassion, collegiality, and dedication.

EXAMPLES OF ESSENTIAL DUTIES: (Listed examples may not include all tasks which may be found in the position assigned to this class.)

Provide executive direction and leadership to the district’s instructional, administrative, and student services functions, programs, operations and activities; formulate, develop, implement and review a broad variety of policies, standards and outcomes to assure that students are afforded optimum opportunities to excel in academic and career technical fields of endeavor.

In an environment of shared governance, work closely with district administrators in establishing and achieving institutional goals in accordance with the district’s educational plan; direct the development of short- and long-range plans for all district functions in coordination with the constituent groups and the Governing Board. Demonstrate a thorough understanding and knowledge of the District’s Mission Statement, Vision Statement and Core Values.

Attend Board meetings and make oral presentations concerning all aspects of instructional and administrative activities; serve as leader of the district’s executive team; confer with administrators regarding Board agenda items and management issues involving programs and services of the district, including recommendations for new or revised policies and procedures; assure that Board policies and legislative directives are carried out in all areas of the district.

Commit the District to the recruitment, selection and retention of highly qualified, diverse and student-centered faculty and staff.

Work closely with administrators and leaders of the Academic Senate with regard to developing, modifying and enhancing college curriculum. Work with the Vice President of Academic Affairs and others to review and evaluate curricular recommendations and encourage expansion of the instructional program to meet the diverse needs of students, including new, transfer, re-entry and dual enrollment students with a strong focus on reducing achievement gaps among groups of students and increasing retention and student success. 

Represent the district to local, State and federal governmental bodies and agencies; identify resources for new and enhanced instructional programs and services; represent the district to the community including other educational institutions, business interests and service organizations.

Interact with leaders of the business and social communities of the district to identify and communicate emerging educational trends and partnerships for the district; provide leadership to district personnel to envision and develop new programs and services, utilize resources effectively, and promote innovative methodology and concepts in the field of education.

Assure compliance with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and restrictions related to instructional programs, student services, district operations and expenditure of district funds; assure that the highest legal and ethical standards are maintained and clearly communicated to district personnel, the Governing Board and the community.

Review and evaluate effectiveness of district organization, personnel, programs and services; assure development and implementation of corrective action, improvements or additional programs and services as necessary; promote a climate of innovation and collaboration and encourage staff development and formulation of clear job objectives.

Provide for staff participation in achieving established goals and objectives for assigned services; recommend operational changes in all areas as appropriate to increase efficiency, effectiveness and quality of all district services.

Direct the efforts and activities of district committees, task forces and meetings; delegate responsibility to team leaders for representing the district’s interests in the community and at State or national meetings; review and evaluate information, factual summaries and recommendations from work groups and team leaders.

Review reports related to the district’s financial position; assure that appropriate internal audits and budgetary controls are instituted and maintained; direct the timely and accurate preparation of enrollment and revenue projections and consolidation of all departmental budgets to facilitate attainment of the district’s short- and long-range plans.

Maintain knowledge and oversight of the District’s Bond Spending Plan to ensure funds are spent in accordance with the Bond language and Facilities Master Plan. 

Maintain contact with legislators, professional organizations, and the Chancellor’s Office in order to remain current regarding new and pending State, federal, and local legislation related to instructional programs, funding and financial support, student services, and administration.

Assure optimum support services to students in all areas of student life, including maintenance of student records, academic and personal counseling, recreational and sports activities, health services, student government and other clubs and organizations, tutorial services, financial aid, Rising Scholar’s program, and assistance programs for students with disabilities.

Perform related duties as assigned and needed.

Education and Experience: Any combination equivalent to:

Master’s degree from a regionally accredited institution or equivalent 

Three years of senior-level administrative experience in education, defined as an executive position reporting directly to a governing body or chief executive officer and being responsible for a broad operational segment of the organization with significant fiscal and programmatic oversight (e.g. academic affairs, student services, administrative services, college campus)  

Evidence of responsiveness to and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, and ethnic backgrounds of community college students, as these factors relate to the need for equity minded practices.

Doctorate degree from a regionally accredited institution.

A minimum of ten years of management experience with significant and progressively more complex decision-making responsibilities. 

Administrative experience in areas of academic affairs, student affairs, financial management, faculty, staff and community relations, and facilities development and strategic planning.

Faculty experience in teaching or student services, or other leadership experience providing support for the role of faculty that demonstrates a strong understanding of the teaching/learning and student development processes.

Demonstrated experience utilizing principles of organization and leadership practices that promote professional excellence among all employees.

Strong communication skills: both oral and written communication.

Demonstrated experience to effectively navigate the complexities of the California community college policy, legal and accreditation environment or equivalent.

Proven record of successful management of resources, including integrated planning and budget development, during both increasing and decreasing budget cycles 

Successful external resource development experience, including pursuit of grant funding and community support through partnerships and/or a foundation. 

Demonstrated leadership experience providing support for the comprehensive student experience.

 Skilled in the use and application of technology including video conferencing and virtual meeting platforms, appropriate office software, applicable learning management systems and the application of data analysis and reporting technology.

Knowledge and application of Interest Based Approach (IBA) for reaching consensus.

Principles, theories, practices, methods and procedures of public administration specifically related to higher education.

Instructional program development and implementation at the community college level.

Principles and practices of effective executive leadership.

Sound fiscal management policies as related to public institutions.

The process of institutional collective bargaining including interest-based negotiations.

Local, State and federal laws governing a community college district.

Effective shared and participatory governance among faculty, staff and students.

District organization, operations and objectives.

Fund-raising approaches in both public and private sectors.

Budget administration for a multi-faceted public organization ensuring the colleges’ Student Centered Funding Formula metrics are in line with the California community colleges Vision for Success.

Utilization of technology in all areas that support teaching and learning, and student support services.

Programs and services of a community college district.

Trends in academic, career and technical education, and community education.

Local economic conditions, community leaders and service organizations.

Student enrollment trends and demographic statistics of the communities within the District.

Needs, interests and concerns of various groups of community college students.

Oral and written communication skills.

Principles of leadership, management, training and supervision.

Interpersonal skills including tact, patience and diplomacy.

Public speaking techniques.

Envision, plan, organize, direct, administer, review and evaluate all functions of the district including instruction, student services and administration.

Develop and implement policy recommendations, which will advance the district’s plan and other goals and objectives in accordance with local, State and federal laws, accreditation standards, and the needs of the college community.

Exhibit passion about education and its value.

Provide leadership and executive direction to administrators and staff.

Provide opportunities to enable students to achieve their full potential.

Confer with legislators, community business leaders and others regarding funding sources and cooperative instructional relationships.

Build an educational team, manage conflict, build trust, motivate others, set a strategic course of action utilizing participatory management, hold employees accountable, and make difficult choices among strong and competing interests.

Communicate effectively with diverse constituencies within and outside the district.

Manage the District in an ethical, approachable and trustworthy manner.

Effectively delegate authority and responsibility to direct reports. 

Value intellectual achievement and be guided by student and community needs in decision-making.

Review and analyze complex financial, statistical and narrative data regarding all aspect of district instruction and operations.

Develop relationships with educational organizations, business, industry, government, and community-based organizations.

Maintain current knowledge of the educational needs of the community.

Manage the District in a fiscally responsible manner, utilizing strategic planning, institutional research, and data as guidance for budget policies and procedures.

Train, supervise and evaluate the performance of assigned personnel.

Communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

Establish and maintain effective and cooperative working relationships with others.

Support the Board and its decisions even if such decisions are contrary to recommendations of the Superintendent/President.

Access and interpret key resources and information in a timely manner.

Duties are primarily performed in an office environment or in meetings at a district or community location. The incumbent is subject to frequent interruptions and contact in person and on the telephone with executive, management, faculty, members of the Governing Board, community and State leaders and the general public. May be required to travel to the centers in Vacaville and Vallejo or other locations to attend meetings and conduct work.

Typically, must sit for long periods, see clearly to read normal and fine print, speak clearly and distinctly to provide information in person or on the telephone, hear and understand voices over telephone and in person, and regularly lift, carry and/or move objects weighing up to 10 pounds.

The ten most important professional and/or personal characteristics to promote for the new Superintendent/President position would be:

1. Student-Centric and Community-Oriented: Prioritizing the needs of students while upholding the community college’s mission and cultivating a strong sense of teamwork and community connection.

2. Equity-Driven Leadership: A leader who actively promotes equity, diversity, and inclusion, ensuring equal opportunities within the faculty/staff and is dedicated to student success.

3. Kind and Approachable: Demonstrating genuine kindness and empathy towards students, faculty, and staff, while being personable and accessible in leadership.

4. Transparent and Accountable Leadership: Demonstrating transparency in actions and decisions and holding oneself accountable for the outcomes.

5. Innovative and Strategic Thinking: Ability to think out of the box, embrace innovation in educational practices, and strategically plan for future growth and development of the college.

6. Collaborative and Inclusive: Exhibiting a collaborative work style that includes listening to all staff and community members, and making decisions that are inclusive of various perspectives.

7. Experience in Community College Environments: Having direct experience with the challenges and opportunities within community colleges, and an insightful understanding of the unique demographic
they serve.

8. Strong Decision-Making Abilities: Possessing the courage and decisiveness to make tough decisions while maintaining integrity and fairness.

9. Professional Engagement and Credibility: A proven track record of leadership with professional references, and a reputation for engaging professionally with all levels of an educational institution.

10. Commitment to Shared Governance and Fiscal Expertise: A belief in shared governance, respecting the roles of unions and faculty/staff-designed programs, coupled with the expertise to manage the college’s finances effectively.

Board Approved 12/20/23

Minimum and Desirable Qualifications


  • Evidence of responsiveness to and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, and ethnic backgrounds of community college students, as these factors relate to the need for equity minded practices;


  • Master’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university in finance, economics, accounting, business administration or a related field; or
  • A bachelor’s degree in one of the areas above and a certified public account’s (CPA) license;


  • Five (5) years of demonstrated successful leadership experience in a senior management position (Vice President or Senior Director or above) with responsibility for financial and business management operations within an educational environment.

Professional and Personal Characteristics

Embraces the Mission of the Community College in CaliforniaExhibits awareness of the California community college and has management experience in navigating relevant issues. Implements policies and practices guided by the diverse needs of students and the community; and promotes rigor that results in high student achievement to advance the mission of the community college.
Effective Organizational LeadershipKnowledge and evidence of leadership experience in higher education with a demonstrated understanding of the complex dynamics of a large multi-college district, including efficient and streamlined processes and procedures in fostering an ethos that normalizes anti-racism and equity for racially minoritized students. Ability to lead in assigned areas and understands the importance of the Vice Chancellor’s role within the authority structure in a multi-college district. Engages in a creative, innovative, and collaborative manner with District and Colleges’ leadership. Accesses and assimilates information and uses quantitative and qualitative data for decision-making, planning, mobilizing resources, and motivating individuals to creatively overcome challenges facing the District and to make continuous improvements in operations, programming, procedures, and services.
Passion to Lead in Difficult TimesHas the resilience and perseverance to address challenges and confrontations. Is deliberate in assessing diverse and conflicting perspectives; brings those perspectives to consensus and successful outcomes. Is an effective, data-informed decision maker and transformational leader of change and will commit to making changes based on data. Is action and results oriented, innovative, and creative, and responds to situations in a timely manner.
Leadership in Dynamic TimesProvide visionary and strategic leadership and guidance as the District adjusts to changing landscapes with a focus on advancing and maintaining educational quality within a District-wide culture of equity-mindedness and anti-racism, increasing access, and student success during and after the current pandemic crisis. This will include building back enrollments and outreach efforts and adjusting instructional and support services delivery modalities to better meet the needs of students and communities served by the District’s colleges.
Community MindednessUnderstands that SCCCD is a large college district that serves the needs of urban, rural, and suburban communities and is active and visible throughout the District, building strong coalitions and working with leaders of local school districts, municipal governments, non-profits and community service organizations as well as workforce development, business and industry partners. Embraces and appreciates the unique cultural and dynamic environments of the many diverse local communities throughout the District service area. Values the strengths each of the areas contributes, and at the same time serves as a catalyst for change by engaging stakeholders through actively addressing barriers associated with generational poverty and systemic racism which have existed for decades throughout the region.
Collegial Consultation and Participatory GovernanceHas a clear commitment to collegial consultation and inclusion in important shared decision-making processes. Exhibits a collaborative leadership style with all constituent groups to accomplish critical institutional objectives. Understands the philosophy and practices that are the foundations of AB1725. Works diligently to maintain and increase the environment of engagement and collaboration that is central to the District’s and Colleges’ governance structures.
Values Diversity, Equity and InclusionHas strong cultural competency and has experience in leading a successful Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA) student experience and actualizing a Districtwide culture and climate that normalizes equity with a heightened focus on racially-minoritized and marginalized groups, and diversity, inclusion and accessibility for students, classified professionals, faculty and administrators including but not limited to background and identity factors such as socioeconomic, age, gender, ethnic, religious, sexual orientation, LGBTQ+, and disability status.
Collaborative LeadershipUnderstands, appreciates, and follows the principles of community involvement and partner engagement in the advancement of the District and Colleges’ missions and goals; builds and fosters mutually beneficial partnerships with K-12 school districts, baccalaureate granting institutions, and other workforce development and community partners to advance student access and success.
Student Success, Equity and EngagementDemonstrates strong student-centered leadership by addressing institutional barriers and creating a welcoming, inclusive, and engaging environment that provides multiple pathways to success for all students at the District’s Colleges with a heightened focus on closing the achievement gaps for racially-minoritized and marginalized populations.
Highest Ethics and IntegrityExhibits personal/professional ethics and integrity in all behavior and relationships with a strong sense of transparency, fairness, and equity in all decision making.
Effectively Motivates OthersInspires trust and confidence through strong motivational skills and authentic engagement. Exhibits outstanding communication skills, a strong work ethic, positive attitude, and enthusiasm for the work of the District. Is a successful team builder with a proven ability to motivate everyone to perform at their best by recognizing the potential in others.
Effective Leadership in a Complex Educational EnvironmentUnderstands the Vice Chancellor’s role in planning, budgeting, assessing, and leading continuous improvement within the authority structure in a multi-college district. Effectively manages all resources to advance the purposes of the District. Engages in a creative, innovative, and respectful manner with District leadership and external stakeholders. Knowledge of California and federal polices, laws and regulations governing community colleges and accreditation expectations.
Personable and ApproachableIs aware of own cultural background and how it influences perceptions, values, and practices and effects and shapes the relationship to students and staff. Holds self, and others, accountable, admits mistakes and learns from them.
Communication SkillsCommunicates effectively with diverse internal and external constituencies while using interpersonal skills including tact, patience, and diplomacy.

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