Student Life Office

Students Helping Students Fund

Solano Community College’s Students Helping Students Fund is a program designed to provide “one time only” financial assistance to economically disadvantaged SCC students in the form of a grant for textbook purchases. Funding of this program is provided by the students through a non-refundable optional fee of $1, as well as through solicited annual contributions by Solano College administration, faculty, and staff. Fee payment is entirely voluntary.

Students Helping Students Book Grants shall be distributed to eligible students at the start of the semester on a first-come, first-serve basis. New, first-time freshman students enrolled in 6 units at Solano Community College who meet income eligibility guidelines for an automatic Fee Waiver are encouraged to complete a Fee Waiver application and the “Students Helping Students” Grant Application available from the Office of Student Financial Aid or the Student Life Office no later than the first day of instruction. For information, contact the Director of Student Life, 864-7168. (Reference: Governing Board Policy #5710)

Additional Book Assistance
Solano Community College also offers book assistance from two other programs.

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