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Welcome To Social Justice & Ethnic Studies

Searching for a way to begin social leadership?

Want to create equity and inclusion in your community?

Looking for a degree program where you can initiate change?

Social Justice and Ethnic Studies Are For You!

The Solano Community College Social Justice Studies & Ethnic Studies program prepares students to provide social leadership in creating greater equity and inclusion in the local community and in larger societal contexts. Social Justice & Ethnic Studies students will study Gender and Sexuality Studies and are given opportunities to critically examine the experiences of various communities in relation to issues of power and social inequality. 

The program’s interdisciplinary coursework allows students exposure to a variety of theoretical frameworks including Psychology, English, Sociology, History, Art, Political Science, Communications and more, as well as the fundamentals of methodology needed for social inquiry. Critical thinking and problem solving are emphasized throughout the program, especially in the analysis of historical and current examples of social engagement and change. Social Justice Studies provides a strong academic preparation for upper division coursework, a range of career paths, and meaningful social awareness and public engagement over students’ lifetimes.

This major is an interdisciplinary program which provides an opportunity for students to pursue organized studies of minority groups in American Society and to foster and expand general understanding of these groups. The courses allow for a wide latitude of study to meet a variety of interests with courses which fulfill competence in and an understanding of the unique contributions of American ethnic groups; interpretation of American ethnic culture as manifested in its history, its literature, and its social, economic, political, and philosophical development.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the Associate in Arts in Social Justice Studies for Transfer degree will be able to:

  1. Identify and analyze historical and modern-day factors that contribute to social inequities in the United States and globally, especially those related to race, gender, and sexuality
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of the unique experiences and social, artistic, and intellectual contributions of key social groups studied
  3. Apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills to complex social issues related to equality, inclusion, and social justice

Students who complete the Ethnic Studies Associate Degree will be able to:

  1. Increase understanding of diverse ethnic groups in American society
  2. Identify and analyze the impact of culture and the significance of history and literature
  3. Develop competence as it pertains to various ethnic groups including an understanding of their social, economic, political and philosophical development
  4. Develop competence in understanding the unique contributions of ethnic groups in American Society

Meet Our Social Justice & Ethnic Studies Faculty

Program Directory

Lamba, Sandy
Dean of Social & Behavioral Science
Administrative Assistant IV