Degree Type

Associate in Arts
Associate in Arts for Transfer

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Emphasis on Critical Thinking & Research in Psychology

Welcome To Psychology
at Solano Community College

Are you interested in human behavior?

Ever wonder why people think, act, and feel the way they do?

Ready to explore the role of the psychological sciences in your educational goals and career?

Psychology is For You!

The Solano Community College Psychology program provides a broad overview of psychology as a science of human behavior and mental processes. The program emphasizes critical thinking, skeptical inquiry and the scientific approach to understanding major theories, methods, and research in psychology. In addition, personal, social, and organizational areas are explored.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the Associate in Arts in Psychology for Transfer degree as well as those who complete Psychology Associate Degree will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the major theories in psychology
  2. Produce an APA formatted research proposal
  3. Demonstrate an ability to apply psychological concepts to everyday life

Meet Our Psychology Faculty