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Develop an Understanding for the Basic Laws of Physics

Welcome To Physics

Are you interested in understanding the laws of nature?

Are you seeking a versatile degree program?

Would you like to learn how to think critically?

Physics is For You!

The focus of the Solano Community College Physics program is developing an understanding of and appreciation for the basic laws of our physical universe. This is done largely through the development of conceptual understanding, problem-solving skills, and laboratory investigations.

Our recent success stories!

In the above photo: SCC student Caroline Parworth working on a “Rubens tube”, which converts fluid pressure to gas flares, so that the height of the flare indicates the sinusoidal pressure distribution of the sound wave inside the tube. Caroline recently earned her Ph.D. in Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry from UC Davis.

Learn more by checking out the Physics Program Review which covers Program Description, Learning Outcomes, Student Successes, and more.

Our Projects and Experiments

Solano students Alexandria Canales, Rhea Crawford, Brenda Lieu, Emily Wong (left to right) measuring the dipole moment of a permanent magnet in PHYS 007. Alexandria has since transferred to Sac State, Rhea has transferred to Cal State East Bay, Brenda has transferred to UC Irvine, and Emily has transferred to UC Davis.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the Physics Associate Degree will be able to:

  • Demonstrate analytical and/or conceptual problem solving skills related to the study of Physics

  • Carry out experiments and critically assess data. Students will learn the role of hypothesis, measurement, and analysis in the development of scientific theory, as evidenced by laboratory reports

  • Write a professional scientific laboratory report


Careers in Physics include but are not limited to: 

  • Physics Teacher

  • Physicist

  • Nanosystems Engineer

  • Atmospheric, Earth, Marine, or Space Scientist

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