Physical Science


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Associate in Science

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Investigate Methods
of Scientific Inquiry

Welcome To Physical Science

Want to help halt climate change?

Fascinated by physical sciences?

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Looking to study physics, chemistry, astronomy, and geology?

Physical Science is For You!

The Solano Community College Physical Science program provides students the opportunity to investigate methods of scientific inquiry, and to gain scientific knowledge, through specialization in one or more Physical Science disciplines. Those disciplines include Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, and Geology. Crucially, students taking this degree will also gain an understanding of the factors that affect the Earth’s climate and will thereby develop a deep understanding of the important issue of Climate Change. The study of Climate Change will allow students to be knowledgeable global citizens. Students will develop critical thinking skills, learn to communicate effectively in writing, and acquire an understanding of major scientific concepts. Through course options, students will employ methods of scientific inquiry to understand the world around them. Completion of the degree requirements will prepare students with the skills and resources needed to facilitate academic and career decisions.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the Physical Science Associate in Science Degree will be able to:

  • Describe physical phenomena in multiple forms (verbal, pictorial, graphical, and mathematical)

  • Qualitatively and quantitatively predict, analyze and/or explain the behavior of physical systems using fundamental physical principles and models

  • Develop and implement a plan of collecting and/or accessing experimental data, and performing data analysis

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