Bonds Program

Measure Q Updates

The Measure Q Bond was passed in November 2012.  The Citizens of Solano County invested in their futures by voting to improve and expand the facilities of the Solano Community College District with the passage of the Measure Q Bond.  The projects listed below are the currently active projects and their status.

March 2022

Fairfield Campus

Active Project Updates

Library Learning Resource Center

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Project Site Camera

Library/Learning Resource Center – Fairfield Campus

Description: Replacement of existing Building 100 Library with new 59,252sf Library/LRC, demo of old Library and old portable buildings.

Budget:  $45,948,000 ($24,300,000 Measure Q; $20,148,000 State; $1,500,000 Redevelopment pass-through funds)

Status: Exterior doors and hardware; book theft protection system; and elevator punchlist are all complete. The following activities are nearing completion:  Landscape; exterior/interior punchlist; and commissioning. New building document close-out in progress.

Completion Target: April 2022

Pedestrain and Vehicle Signs 

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Pedestrian & Vehicle Wayfinding Signs – Fairfield Campus

Description: Design/installation of new exterior vehicle wayfinding signs and the procurement of pedestrian signs to provide necessary wayfinding information.  

Budget:  $170,767

Status: Pending installation of Pedestrian Signs near the new Library Building.

Completion Target: July 2022

  Baseball & Softball Clubhouse Replacement

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Baseball and Softball Clubhouse Replacement – Fairfield Campus

Description: Replacement of the existing clubhouses used by the Baseball and Softball programs with DSA approved modular buildings.  

Budget:  $860,000

Status: Modular Building fabrication underway. General Contractor under contract, awaiting start date.

Completion Target: August 2022

Solar Energy

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5 Megawatt Solar Installation (Solar Energy) – Fairfield Campus

Description: Work done under this project is to add solar production to the District’s Fairfield Campus with the application of solar photovoltaic arrays.  The project goal is to completely offset current energy consumption with the potential of over production (up to 5 megawatts) for the Fairfield Campus.  The project includes the following components:  feasibility study, assessment, planning, design, construction, and operation/maintenance.

Budget:  $13,000,000

Status: Request for Qualifications/Proposals ongoing.

Completion Target: April 2023

On Campus Housing

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On-Campus Housing – Fairfield Campus

Description: Work done under this project is to evaluate and assess the need for and feasibility of on-campus housing at the Fairfield Campus. The project begins with needs assessment and a feasibility analysis.  If housing is deemed viable, a likely P3 (Public-Private Partnership) Project will proceed.

Budget:  $500,000

Status: In Pre-Design Phase.

Completion Target: August 2022

ADA Improvements

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ADA Improvements (ADA Transition Plan) – Fairfield Campus

Description: Update the existing ADA Transition Plan to ensure that buildings; infrastructure improvements; programs, services, and activities are accessible under current ADA requirements.

Budget:  $240,795

Status: ADA Surveying is complete and the report is being drafted. Work on the Self-Evaluation of Policies and Procedures is underway.

Completion Target: June 2022

B300 Renovation

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Building 300 Renovation – Fairfield Campus

Description: Work done under this project will be to renovate existing Building 300 on the Fairfield Campus.  The project goal is to modernize the aging building in order to meet current standards. The project includes the following components:  feasibility study, assessment, planning, design and construction.

Budget:  $3,000,000

Status: Initial Study/Feasibility Report complete.

Completion Target: To-Be-Determined

Early Learning Center Expansion

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Early Learning Center Expansion – Fairfield Campus

Description: Expansion of the Early Learning Center to serve approximately forty (40) children. This will require the addition of a new building to the Early Learning Center location. This project will also include upgrades to the exterior play areas as determined by regulations/code. This project is anticipated to require DSA review and approval.

Budget:  $2,500,000

Status: Design Phase underway. Coordination between Architect of Record and Modular Manufacturer ongoing. Site work design underway by Architectural Team.

Completion Target: January 2023

Vacaville Center

Active Project Updates

VV Annex Corbels

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Vacaville Center Annex Building Corbels Removal – Vacaville Center

Description: Repair corbels.

Budget:  Part of Phase 2 renovations with a total budget of $3,812,147

Status: Construction complete. Closeout ongoing.

Completion Target: April 2022 (Phase 2 & 3)

Aeronautics Sewer Connection and Parking Exp. 

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Aeronuatics – Sewer Connection and Parking Expansion Project – Vacaville

Description: Remove septic system and connect to City/County sewer line.  Add 16 spaces adjacent to existing parking lot.  

Budget:  $535,000

Status: Bidding Phase underway.

Completion Target: September 2022