The Facilities Department of Solano Community College shall provide support services for the purpose of maintaining well-functioning, safe, clean facilities and well-kept grounds that are conducive to a high quality learning and work environment for all who come in contact with the college.

The Facilities Department at Solano Community College is a support organization that provides maintenance support to all programs and activities in the endeavors of Solano Community College in carrying out its educational mission.

“Facilities” is one department within the Administrative Services Division. All students, faculty, administrators, and visitors are its customers.

The Facilities Department provides routine maintenance, scheduled maintenance, and preventative maintenance on all buildings, equipment, and grounds at each of the District’s facilities. The Department also performs minor construction and renovation projects, setups for college and community activities, and security/safety support. Facilities assists in the planning and design of major renovations, identification of deferred maintenance projects, determination of hazardous substances projects, and implementation of scheduled maintenance projects.

FAIRFIELD CAMPUS: 4000 Suisun Valley Road

  • 192 acres
  • 5 sports fields
  • 21 buildings totaling 344,282 sq. ft.


  • 10 acres
  • Vallejo Center, 545 Columbus Parkway; 42,022 sq. ft.
  • Auto Tech Facility, 1687 Ascot Parkway


  • 60 acres
  • Vacaville Center, 2001 N. Village Parkway, 47,144 square ft.
  • Vacaville Annex, 2000 N. Village Parkway
  • Nut Tree Aeronautics, 301 County Airport Road


The Facilities Department consists of four divisions:

  1. Administrative:
    • Executive Bond Manager
      • Project Manager
      • Assistant Facilities Director/Energy Management
        • Facilities Operations Assistant
        • Custodial Supervisor 
  2. Custodial
    • Day Custodial Services
    • Evening Custodial Services
  3. Grounds
    • Grounds Technicians
  4. Maintenance
    • Carpenters
    • Electrician
    • Facilities Engineers
    • General Maintenance
    • Vehicle and Equipment Mechanic


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Facilities Department Phone Number: 707-864-7176

For Facility Rental Information, please contact Solano College Facility Rental:

Phone Number 707-864-7000, ext. 4400