Elementary Teacher Education


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Associate in Arts for Transfer

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Learn the Foundations of Liberal Studies to Teach in School

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Looking to work in a classroom setting?

Do you enjoy working with and being around young children?

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The Solano Community College Elementary Teacher Education program provides a strong liberal studies foundation for students seeking to teach in an elementary school. The coursework is designed to meet the introductory content area subject matter requirements for teaching at the elementary school level.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the Associate in Arts in Elementary Teacher Education for Transfer Degree will be able to:
1. Apply an understanding of child development theories and ethical standards to the development of a personal teaching philosophy
2. Apply an understanding of how diverse cultural beliefs and social, political, and/or historical context impact form of human expression
3. Demonstrate quantitative reasoning skills and an understanding of the scientific method, consistent with elementary level standards
4. Critically evaluate strategies and techniques for working with culturally, linguistically and ethnically diverse populations, including children with special education needs

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