Department Of Public Safety

S.N.A.P. – Special Needs Alert Program

SNAP (Special Needs Alert Program) assists First Responders (Public Safety, Fire, Medical) in being more responsive during emergencies to the campus community with special needs. Maintained by the Solano Community College Department of Public Safety (DPS), the program can help first responders identify those who may have difficulty communicating due to identify those who may have difficulty communicating due to a disability or special need, such as Alzheimer’s or dementia, autism or a speech/hearing disorder impairment.

Additionally, families or agencies can provide information about individuals with special needs to ensure they receive appropriate assistance during emergencies.

SNAP allows first responders to have photographs, descriptions, and contact information for community members with special needs who may require special assistance during emergencies, such as evacuations. This ensures DPS are better equipped to help individuals who may become lost, injured, or wander away from the college campus. Public Safety officers are also made aware of specific medical, safety, and behavioral concerns, as well as any accommodations that may be needed when interacting with these individuals.

The program is designed to ensure the safety of Solano Community College’s most vulnerable campus community members with various disabilities and special needs. Information provided about health and medical conditions may be shared with DPS, Fire, and other emergency responders to help them respond more effectively during emergencies or disasters. While providing this information does not guarantee emergency services, it assists responders in making appropriate decisions based on available resources.

This is a volunteer program and by submitting information to SNAP, the person submitting the information certifies that the details provided are true and correct. It is the responsibility of the person submitting the information to update it at least annually, or more frequently if changes occur. Records not updated annually will be purged. By submitting this information, the person submitting the information consents to sharing it with first responders, and this person may revoke his/her consent at any time by emailing  To enroll in this program, please print the attached PDF document, complete it and return to back to DPS by dropping the form off or emailing us at the above provided email address. 

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