Department of Public Safety

Contest a Citation

Contesting a citation must be made within 21 days from the date of the citation or 14 days from the date of Notice of Illegal Parking. Failure to do so will result in added late fees to the original bail amount.

To contest a citation, please visit Click on “Contest Online” and follow the prompts.

Once your appeal has been received successfully it will be under review. The fine is placed on hold until a decision is entered. At this time, you will not be required to pay the fine.

You should expect to receive a response within 30 days from the date the appeal has been entered. If you do not receive a response within 30 days from the appeal date, please call (800) 818-1832 to request the status of your appeal. Please have the citation number and appeal reference date available when you call us. You may also check the status of your appeal at

Please note contesting the citation does not clear your record. You are responsible for following up on your appeal. To avoid penalties, if you have not received a response within 30 days, you are required to check the status of your appeal.

Disabled Parking Citations

When contesting a citation for a disabled parking violation, attach a copy of the DMV printout showing proof of ownership for the disabled placard or plates. If proof is not provided, it will result in a delay of the process.

General Reasons why a Citation Won’t Be Dismissed

The following are some commonly listed reasons for violating parking regulations. While these reasons may seem valid to the violator, they do not address the laws of the State and policies of Solano College. These reasons, generally, will not result in the citation being dismissed, or the violator being successful in contesting the citation.

I did not see the sign; I did not understand the sign; I did not know

Drivers are required to look for signs when parking and know the rules and regulations of Solano College. This may mean checking an entire lot from corner to corner or contact Parking Services prior to arrival on campus. Drivers are also required to abide by the directions on the sign. A person indicating that they did not see a sign preventing parking or requiring a specific permit is not an acceptable excuse.

Running a short errand

No errand, no matter how short or how important to the driver, besides a bonafide medical emergency, is an acceptable excuse for illegal parking. While a short errand is a very common excuse, it is not a valid reason for illegal parking.

I was only a few minutes

This explanation is one of the most common claims. Even if true, parking without a valid parking permit or in a prohibited area is illegal.

I’ve done it for years; Everybody does it

This is never a valid excuse for parking illegally. Nobody should be rewarded for getting away with prior violations.

I was told I could park there; An official saw me park and did not say anything

Generally speaking, employees have no authority to give permission to break the law. Whenever possible, an officer will caution about illegal parking, but silence by an official does not waive parking restrictions.

Nobody else got a ticket

Sometimes this excuse is raised as discriminatory enforcement. The officer may have had to leave the area before checking all the vehicles; however, a citation stands on its own.

The violation has not been enforced in the past

This normally is not the case, however, inadequate staffing or other priorities may give rise to violations not being enforced continually, but nowhere does apparent failure to enforce parking laws constitute a valid excuse for illegal parking.

Someone else drove my vehicle

Under the law, the registered owner (R/O) has joint responsibility with whoever was driving the vehicle. The R/O, renter, or lessee is responsible for the parking citation.

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