College Objectives

Mission and Vision Statement

Mission Statement

Solano Community College’s mission is to educate a culturally and academically diverse student population drawn from our local communities and beyond. We are committed to student learning and achievement and to helping our students achieve their educational, professional, and personal goals. Solano transforms students’ lives with undergraduate education, transfer courses, career-and-technical education, certificate programs, workforce development and training, basic-skills education, and lifelong-learning opportunities.

Vision Statement

Solano Community College will be a recognized leader in educational excellence — transforming students’ lives.

Core Values

  • Integrity — firm adherence to a code of ethical values in thought and behavior
  • Critical Thinking — the use of intellectually disciplined, logically sound processes involving datadriven decision making
  • Mutual Respect — valuing the intrinsic worth of each person in an atmosphere of collegiality
  • Collaboration — working together across areas of responsibility or interest to achieve common goals and objectives
  • Innovation — the search for and use of effective processes or procedures
  • Accountability — individual and collective responsibility for achieving the highest level of performance
  • Student Well-being — considering and addressing the impact on students of any and all actions or inactions

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics serves to articulate values and characteristics that everyone is expected to embody and promote. Each employee of Solano Community College shall:

  • Act with uncompromising integrity, dignity, respect, and fairness, and promote a spirit of collegiality campus-wide.
  • Recognize and work to meet the college’s responsibility to all citizens of the District to provide an educational program of the highest quality.
  • Maintain and support transparency, communication, and equity in governance of the College, and in relationship to the community.
  • Commit to the advancement and protection of academic freedom for all members of the institution.

REFERENCES/AUTHORITY: California Education Code, Section 68015, Accreditation Standards III. A. l. d.
BP4100 Last Revised: February 17, 2016

Strategic Goals

Foster Excellence in Learning

  1. Obj. 1.1 — Create an environment that is conducive to student learning.
  2. Obj. 1.2 — Create an environment that supports quality teaching.
  3. Obj. 1.3 — Optimize student performance on Institutional Core Competencies

Maximize Student Access & Success

  1. Obj. 2.1 — Identify and provide appropriate support for underprepared students.
  2. Obj. 2.2 — Update and strengthen career/technical curricula.
  3. Obj. 2.3 — Identify and provide appropriate support for transfer students.
  4. Obj. 2.4 — Improve student access to college facilities and services for students.
  5. Obj. 2.5 — Develop and implement an effective Enrollment Management Plan

Strengthen Community Connections

  1. Obj. 3.1 — Respond to community needs.
  2. Obj. 3.2 — Expand ties to the community.

Optimize Resources

  1. Obj. 4.1 — Develop and manage resources to support institutional effectiveness.
  2. Obj. 4.2 — Maximize organizational efficiency and effectiveness.
  3. Obj. 4.3 — Maintain up-to-date technology to support the curriculum and business functions.

District Plans

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