Housing and Transportation Options


Homestay is a great way to get started with a comfortable living environment in the U.S. Living with a host family provides international students the opportunity to learn more about American culture, practice English, live in a comfortable and secure family environment. Contact the following for more homestay information:

Extended Stay Hotels near campus are a very logical choice for your stay. They are located within walking distance to the Fairfield campus, shopping, and restaurants. Visit the following sites for more information:

Apartment Housing is an option for your stay in the U.S. There are various apartment homes available in Fairfield, on the bus line, and near great restaurants, shopping, and grocery stores for your everyday essentials. Visit the following sites (or research other options) for more information:

Disclaimer: By listing the above housing options, we are in no way endorsing those specific businesses. They are located within close proximity to the Fairfield campus, however you have the ultimate choice to research other housing options and make the best decision for your stay.


LOCAL TRANSPORTATION consists of the city bus line, FAST; and multiple taxi cab companies. Visit the following sites for more information:

TRANSPORTATION OUTSIDE Fairfield to travel to surrounding cities include: